CTRP gets C&D letter

The Chrono Trigger Remake Project has received a
ceast & desist letter from SquareEnix. Although nominated most
likely candidate to get such an order, no one truly believed it would
happen. It’s as if a warning siren has blared to all Chrono modders. I
advise everyone to take your projects underground if it’s of something
grand like CTRP. TheBrain offers a few words on http://www.chrono-trigger.com
: “We from the CTRP team would like to say sorry to Square-Enix, Co.
Ltd. and its affiliates. We didn’t realize that a fan game would be so
harmful to your business.” Although it’s tough to say this, the only
good thing that could come of this recent C&D order is the hint
that something Chrono related could be in the works. It also means SE
cares about the franchise enough to take down something inifinitely
smaller than Chrono Trigger Resurrection. Anyway, do watch yourself
from now on.

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