Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project Open to New Submissions

The Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project (working title) is open once
again to new submissions. The project represents a collaborative effort
to arrange 49 tracks from the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo soundtrack
3 from
earlier games in the series in a style evocative of urban
atmospheres–Back-alley bars and warehouse raves; Street venders frying
traditional foods on their carts in Chinatown and Little
Mexico; a fenced-in playground hosting more than just school children;
a Hole-in-the wall punk rock club that VH1 will pick up on ten
years after the fact;a Rush-hour corner of the financial district,
teeming with human life; a
mom-and-pop store arcade where local kids’ stake out their tiny claims
to fame–to the effect of creating a cohesive concept album,
encompassing (and primarily limited to) hip-hop, trance/rave, hard rock
and Rob-Dougan style electronica. More then
two thirds of the track list is still open and we welcome talented
musicians both established and new to the game music arrangement scene.
Check the project thread at Overclocked ReMix for details.