Calendar Module & FAQ

In case you haven't noticed it yet, there's a new calendar module on
the right of the main page, just below the user info panel. The
objective of this is to give you guys a quick glance of what's going on
in the community. You can submit your own calendar events (birthdays,
radio shows, compos, etc) by clicking on the calendar link to your
left, and clicking on 'Create an Event'. Before you do this however, I
implore you to read the Calendar FAQ, and keep your events along the guidelines posted therein. Thanks for your time. 😉


Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project Open to New Submissions

The Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project (working title) is open once
again to new submissions. The project represents a collaborative effort
to arrange 49 tracks from the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo soundtrack
3 from
earlier games in the series in a style evocative of urban
atmospheres–Back-alley bars and warehouse raves; Street venders frying
traditional foods on their carts in Chinatown and Little
Mexico; a fenced-in playground hosting more than just school children;
a Hole-in-the wall punk rock club that VH1 will pick up on ten
years after the fact;a Rush-hour corner of the financial district,
teeming with human life; a
mom-and-pop store arcade where local kids’ stake out their tiny claims
to fame–to the effect of creating a cohesive concept album,
encompassing (and primarily limited to) hip-hop, trance/rave, hard rock
and Rob-Dougan style electronica. More then
two thirds of the track list is still open and we welcome talented
musicians both established and new to the game music arrangement scene.
Check the project thread at Overclocked ReMix for details.

New OCR Judge, Shnabubula

After the recent retirement of Sir Malcos, Shnabubula is the latest OCR
connoisseur take his seat as one of the esteemed judges, to wade
through hundreds of crappy submissions from would be ReMixers.
Congratulations, good luck, and don't let the abundance of abominable
tunes get you down. 😉

Chrono Symphonic Interviews

As you know, Chrono Symphonic is a project to rework some of CT's
greatest music into orchestral scores to accompany a movie script
Claado Shou has written. Since October, it's attracted several great
remixers, and new faces have joined with very promising tracks as well.
Over the last two weeks, I've collected a bunch of interviews for a
sort of “behind the scenes” look at what's going on, and a lot of
remixers are featured. Don't miss it!

Hey, it's content!

In the interest of moving the site forward, I’ve posted the first in a
weekly series of editorials called Tha Rant. You can get to it through
the Editorials section. This week’s column covers the PS3 controller.

You can contribute too! If you’re interested in writing a
regular column, please contact us. The topic can be just about anything
as long as it’s remotely scene-related, although we would like for it
to be at least (1) relevant, (2) current, and (3) appropriate, and you
need to be able to keep a regular schedule(i.e. weekly, monthly, etc.).
Contact [email protected] with the subject line “editorial” if interested.

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Replace Docs For Your Video Games

The goal of replacementdocs is to preserve and archive game documentation for
years to come. They are a community of gamers who appreciate the importance of
game documentation and know the frustration that comes when this documentation
is not available.
They have been around for several years now and currently offer Acrobat PDF
downloads of over 2000 different game manauals for various platforms. I know
they have secured explicit permission to host these manuals from some game
publishers and are working on getting permission from others. Some game
publishers, like Atari, actually link to replacementdocs from their technical
support website.

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Robot Master Remix Battle

DarkeSword has started up a new remixing contest at OCR entitled the
Robot Master Remix Battle. A spinoff of the 6th IronMix
competition (now discontinued), the premise involves combining two Mega Man robot
master/Maverick/etc. themes into one “versus” mix. The particular
theme for this first contest is Mega Man 2 vs. Mega Man 4. Any
robot master theme from those games is eligible, excluding the overmixed popular Wily stages. Entries are due on the first of July.

Link to contest thread