Well, OCR Idol Round 2 is quickly coming to a close. It should be
finished by this evening, and the community voting may commence at that
point. For those not keeping track, Round 2 covered Terranigma,
the Enix RPG on SNES. Submissions were recieved from 8 out of the
14 remaining OCR Idol contestants. In the meantime,
however, OCR Idol Round 3 has officially begun. SgtRama has
chosen the source this time around, and has selected Live A Live for
the win. Keep an eye out for the Live A Live remixes when they’re
done, which should be around May 22nd.

If you want to listen to the OCR Idol Round 1 and 2 tracks, take that fancy mouse and click on over to:


OCRI2 Thread:…

OCRI3 Thread:…


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