Doujin spotlight: AD794

I know not a lot of (if any) people keep updated on the Japanese
“doujin” (translation: “fan”) music scene, so I feel it’s my duty to
make sure these foreign gems don’t end up slipping through the cracks.

That said, AD794 just came out with a Chrono Trigger Corridors of Time mix
(“Transmigration”) and it’s sexalicious. I also recommend his Seiken Densetsu 3
Angel’s Fear, Final Fantasy Tactics Tutorial, and Final Fantasy Prelude arrangements.

Despite all of these themes being overdone and cliche, he finds a way
to do something new with them. He also shares every Japanese
remixer’s weird obsession with Kanon/AIR/CLANNAD. That
notwithstanding, I still heartily give him the official Dhsu seal of approval.

Seriously, check him out.

(You might need to copy the URL into Babelfish if you have difficulty navigating the list.)

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