OverClocked MS Dash v1 for UnleashX XBOX Dashboard

So yea, there’s MAYBE a handful of people here
with modded XBOXes, and even less of them probably use UnleashX as a
dash, BUT I’m gonna release this on a few XBOX community sites and I
figured it’d only be fitting to do it here first…

Still some work to do, some cleaning up and what not, but that’s why this is version 1 =P.

Anyway it won’t look all blurry and sharp in places on a NORMAL TV,
that’s just the direct screen rip from the XBOX. I’m not sure how it’ll
look on an HD or widescreen or anything like that, BUT that what the
cleaning is for =P.

Also: The whole thing isn’t all that dark, either.

So for anyone who’s interested: