Jivemaster returns to OCR

Jivemaster, also known as Joel Bird and remixer on
OverClocked ReMix since his song “Chemical Juice” was posted in
September of 2000, returned to OCR on Wednesday after a two-year
hiatus. His new song, like many of his others, is a remix of a song
from the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games. Based on “Lava Reef Zone”
and “Hidden Palace Zone” from Sonic & Knuckles, it is entitled
“Lava Reach.”

ReMix page for “Lava Reach”

“This is a remake of an unreleased mix I did back in
2001 that I wasn’t overly happy with,” Jivemaster said in a letter to
He forgot about the mix until recently, he said, when he decided to rework it.
“…it was about time to release something again for all the people who have enjoyed my stuff in
the past and for those new to OCR who may be saying ‘Jivemaster? Who’s
this Jivemaster fellow?!?'” Jivemaster said.
11 of his now 14 ReMixes posted on OCR have been
from games of the Sonic series, including Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3, Sonic CD, and Sonic 3D Flickie’s Island.