Updates Part II

In addition to updating PHPNuke and fixing/adding/cleaning up a few
modules, as Fusion mentioned, I’ve finally gotten around to purchasing ThaSauce.net.
Currently I just own the domain, which redirects to here, and anyone
who remembers the ThaSauce.Fusion2004p.com host will remember that if
you’re using IE and logging in via the redirect, you’ll get logged out.

Once the majority of the kinks are worked out of the site and I can
afford it, I can just update the domain for hosting, bumping up the
price from $10 a year to $10 a month (more or less), but until then
this works. =P

Updates and Upgrade COMPLETE!

I was able to upgrade the site’s engine, PHPNuke, to version 7.8
successfully, as well as update some misc files WITHOUT breaking
anything. The previous problems with Private Messages and the
semi-nonexistent Forums have disapoofed.

This means:
A. Rama will be happy that his site is FINALLY operational again.
B. I will have the satisfaction of momentary peace from Rama’s insistent nagging.
and C. ThaSauce is still your place of holy worship… err, your place
where you can get the latest on games, music, anime, or any combination
of the three!
Yeah, that’s what I meant. Really.

Over the next couple days, Rama and I plan to implement a serious of
updates to the site, which might even include an option for users to
have their own blog right here on ThaSauce!

(Screw LiveJournal, ThaSauce for teh win!)

Chudah’s Corner solicits applications for positions on staff

Chudah’s Corner,
a game music reference site, is accepting applications for volunteer
staff positions. Available positions are in game soundtrack reviews,
translation, and the site radio station: ChudahFM.
The site’s most recent update note reads, “A side note, the staffing call is still running. However, we will begin
contacting applicants regarding the new positions later this month. So
if you’re waiting to send in that app, make sure you do it so soon!”

Israfel steps down from Judges Panel

In his comments for Jivemaster’s remix “Lava Reach” on Wednesday, djpretzel announced that Israfel is voluntarily stepping down from his position on the Judges Panel “probably for good.”
He is the third judge to leave the Panel in since May. djpretzel did not name a replacement for him.
“…a humongous thanks to Mike for his musical and critical contributions
to this site, which have incalculably improved our standards and vastly
widened our horizons,” djpretzel said.
Israfel, A.K.A. Micheal Dover, has stepped down from
the Judges Panel once before due to time constraints, according to
djpretzel, but he “graciously returned” when his schedule became more

Jivemaster returns to OCR

Jivemaster, also known as Joel Bird and remixer on
OverClocked ReMix since his song “Chemical Juice” was posted in
September of 2000, returned to OCR on Wednesday after a two-year
hiatus. His new song, like many of his others, is a remix of a song
from the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games. Based on “Lava Reef Zone”
and “Hidden Palace Zone” from Sonic & Knuckles, it is entitled
“Lava Reach.”

ReMix page for “Lava Reach”

“This is a remake of an unreleased mix I did back in
2001 that I wasn’t overly happy with,” Jivemaster said in a letter to
He forgot about the mix until recently, he said, when he decided to rework it.
“…it was about time to release something again for all the people who have enjoyed my stuff in
the past and for those new to OCR who may be saying ‘Jivemaster? Who’s
this Jivemaster fellow?!?'” Jivemaster said.
11 of his now 14 ReMixes posted on OCR have been
from games of the Sonic series, including Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3, Sonic CD, and Sonic 3D Flickie’s Island.

OCR Idol Round 2 Officially Over; AMP = out

Suzu finally took the time to acknowledge the ending of OverClocked ReMix Idol Round 2, and has (as I've been told) e-mailed AMP his official elimination letter. At the end of the poll AMP's song 'Electric Tears'
had the most votes and was thusly eliminated from the competition,
however he is still eligible for the proposed losers' bracket.

OCRI Round 3 continues to progress with the source material as the
Live-A-Live soundtrack. The mixing stage will conclude May 22nd.

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Summoning of Spirits closed to new remixers

KyleJCrb, organizer of the site project called Summoning of Spirits,
announced on Sunday that the project is closed to remixers not already
signed onto the project.

Summoning of Spirits’s thread
in the Site Projects forum.
The project plans to remix music selections from both Tales of
Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia. The first due date for the
now-official group of remixers to submit works in progress is August 1.

The Jump Button – 07/14 @ 6PM EST

all the comic book movies and remakes coming out lately, we just can’t
avoid this topic. Call in this week to suggest a movie based on almost
anything. Suggest a book, movie, tv show, song, website, comic, game,
…anything. We’ll also be running down the latest info on upcoming
adaptations like Doom, Eva, Superman, and more. And, we’ll be
discussing some of the really good (and really bad) “based-on” movies
that have been made.
Start Time: 18:00
Ending Time: 21:00

Event Description:
The Jump Button 6-9pm EST
Music from Video Games, Cartoons, & Anime

Listen Live @ WHFR.FM

Requests / Comments
1-800-585-4322 Ext. 9676

Call-In Topic 7/14

To chime in, the toll-free number is listed above.