Chrono Cross OST in print once more

It is a shame that we didn’t pay enough attention to figure this out
when it occurred a month ago, but it turns out that the “new Chrono
Cross arrange” noted by Mitsuda in January is actually a reissue of the
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack. Procyon-Studios notes that demand was
so high that Square Enix authorized new copies to be printed.
This all went down June 16th, and copies of Mitsuda’s Creid album are
also in print again. You can grab them from’s Japanese
equivalent; these are the URLs Mitsuda provides us:

Chrono Cross OST

Get them while they’re hot! Amazon should have facilities for US users who wish to buy Japanese goods there.

Correction:  It turns out the cross arrange is still
planned. mitsuda has it on his calendar at