Doujin spotlight: Sabao

On today’s doujin spotlight, I’d like to bring your attention to a
Japanese remixer by the name of Sabao, who has a Japanese site which is
for some Japanese reason entitled “Mackerel Sky” (click on the “MP3” link).
The reason I actually posted this was to talk about his newest release.
An arrangement of Castlevania 3’s “Demon Seed,” it combines
elements of both orchestral and jazz music to create one groovalicious
whole, with radio chatter samples inexplicably sprinkled
throughout the entire song. To top it all off, the Stage 1 theme and Vampire Killer also appear as
cameos in
the solo section, making this remix an all-around irresistible package for any fan of CV.

Don’t forget to check out his other stuff, too. Slightly more obscure, but worth listening to all the same.