ESA to sue Michigan

The governor of Michigan, democrat Jennifer Granholm, has signed into law 4 bills this week to prohibit the sales of violent and sexually graphic video games to minors. The president of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Douglas Lowenstein, said that the law is unconstitutionally vague, and will thusly limit the residents’ First Amendment rights.

The laws are slated to come into effect on December 1st later this year, and the argument for them is that they are common sense laws, and it is intended to provide parents with the resources to protect their children from the effects of violence and “adult content.”

In response to the news, Lowenstein is quoted to have said “How can you treat a video game based on James Bond any different than a book or movie based on the same subject matter?”

In many other states similar laws have been struck down by federal courts, due to the fact that they were infringing upon the First Amendment rights.

Source: Detroit Free Press