Projects and Contests Forum Sections Open

As we prepare for ThaSauce 2.0, we’ve added two new sections to the Forums, one for community-related Projects and one for Contests.
The Projects forum is a central place to organise things such as Remixing Projects and other things like game mods. The content isn’t too restricted as long as it’s related to the community in some way and follows some basic guidelines.

Conversely, the Contests forum is a place to have a little fun and be competitive at the same time. Show off your compositional, remixing, graphical, or writing skills in one of the organised ThaSauce contests, one of which should be starting at least weekly. Winners of the contests will be determined by User Voting, and then points will be awarded which will be part of a larger reputation system under ThaSauce 2.0.

To kick it off, SauceTest I has started: Create a progressive RPG boss battle theme. You have until next Friday (September 30th) to submit your entry.