Anime ReMix Halloween Compo is ON!!!

It’s that time again. Time for…


The objective, of course, is to complete a song by Halloween! The rules are mostly the same as last time, and they are, as follows:
-Complete one song by midnight, October 31st GMT [Grenich Mean Time, to be absolutely fair to everyone] and send it through any means necessary to the leader of the competition.

-The song must be from an animated series, movie, or video. This is more clearly defined in the Anime ReMix site FAQ, which explains what is and what isn’t allowed here.

-The song must have “halloween elements.” Scariness, spookiness, craziness. For further definition, ask the project leader for specifics.

-Songs which are late will not be allowed.

-In the event of only one submission, the one contestant wins by default.

-After all the submissions are in, the rest of the community can e-mail or use a forum PM to relay their choice for best song.

-Have fun! [obligatory cheesy rule]

You can find the official thread in the Competitions/Projects section of the Anime ReMix forums at