ESA to sue Michigan

The governor of Michigan, democrat Jennifer Granholm, has signed into law 4 bills this week to prohibit the sales of violent and sexually graphic video games to minors. The president of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Douglas Lowenstein, said that the law is unconstitutionally vague, and will thusly limit the residents’ First Amendment rights.

The laws are slated to come into effect on December 1st later this year, and the argument for them is that they are common sense laws, and it is intended to provide parents with the resources to protect their children from the effects of violence and “adult content.”

In response to the news, Lowenstein is quoted to have said “How can you treat a video game based on James Bond any different than a book or movie based on the same subject matter?”

In many other states similar laws have been struck down by federal courts, due to the fact that they were infringing upon the First Amendment rights.

Source: Detroit Free Press

VGDJ: Episode #017

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix: VirGinDJ?
First-timer pixietricks fills in for Aurora while she’s away on wedding
duty, judges Danny B and Shnabubula are moving up in the world, Arcana
expresses his adoration for members of the female sex and Rayza and
pixie brainstorm ideas for their next feature film. All this and more
on this pixalicious episode!

Get it at

Newest OCR judge announced: The_Orichalcon!

Last night with the posting of Suzu’s track from Rise of the Star, DJP also went on to announce the addition of TO to the judges panel!
He’s been involved with the site for some time, both as a ReMixer and on the forums, and even thrashed the formidable Mr. GrayLightning a few times at the manly and testosterone-infused game of chess. We thus welcome him on board, so to speak, and promise to respect him and treat him as an equal… when not making cheap Paul Hogan jokes at his expense, and tying his kangaroo down, of course.

Congratulations to TO and good luck on the panel =P.

VG Frequency….RETURNED!!

Larry threw everyone a curve ball last night when he announced a live VGF 61. Apparently he’s recently moved to the Atlanta area and will be using his alumni status to extend the shows life for at least another semester.
It didn’t take long for VGF to get back into the swing of things, with
pre-show calls from Flik, during-show calls from Fusion & myself,
as well as others like Shael and joecam. Not to mention all the “yea
bro”s, “that’s hot”s, and all the other Larry-isms we’ve all come to

Needless to say, everyone is glad to see the show back and here’s to a new, and even more stellar season, of VGF!

Baranowsky and Shnabubula No Longer Judges

Danny B and Mr. Shnabubula are no longer judges at OCR.

After a long and honorable stay as Judge, Mr. Baranowsky has left his
post in order to pursue his career in the film industry. Since joining
the panel in February 2004 as well as being a long time contributer to
the site, he has become a valued and respected member of the OCR
Community. His departure as judge may come as a surprise to some, but
he will be missed by all.

After a relatively short stay as Judge, Shnabubula was decidedly
removed from the panel through an agreement by his fellow Judges. “He
just wasn’t a fit with the panel for various
reasons and we have decided it would be better to part ways with Shna
at this point.” says GrayLightning. Many doomsayers have pounced on
this news, making vague accusations about foul play by DJP and the rest
of the judges. DJP has responded to such accusations: “
While the usual dirt-diggers might try to read a
lot between the lines here, which isn’t surprising, I’m cool with Sam,
Sam appears to be cool with me & the rest of the panel… In general this just wasn’t very scandalous, nor
do I think it reflects poorly on anyone in particular.” he says. In any case, we’ll be sad to see him go.

DJP is expected to make an announcement about this turn of events in an
upcoming write-up. There are no plans to replace these gentlemen on the
panel in the near future.

Experimental Earthbound Remix Project Unveiled

Today, adhesive_boy unveiled the existance of an experimental earthbound remix project.
In production secretly since late March, the unfinished project
features such artists as adhesive_boy, binster, housethegrate, Children
of the Monkey Machine, dackz (shadow), zyko, Mazedude, Shnabubula and
many others.
The experimental nature of the project lies with the synthesis of short
arrangements (two to three minutes in length) into a single flowing
production (somewhat like Relics of the Chozo).

Feel free to browse our site to see what we’ve been working on these past months.

Forums Active; ThaSauce 2.0 Discussion

In preparations for version 2 of ThaSauce, we’ve activated the forums and set it up for discussion of the new features. You’re automatically registered for the forums if you’re registered for the site. There’s a General area and a section for discussing the redesign. Feel free to suggest a topic for the redesign and comment on existing topics; most comments and feedback will be taken into account with the new site.

Hellven makes it triumphant return

Popular netlabel Hellven relaunched yesterday, providing the first new
material from the music collective in 2 years. With artwork and design
handled by fellow artist Hans “hunz” van Vliet, label creator Xavier
“mv” Dang annouced Hellven’s return with the release of a group album
entitled “Debut.”
The full-length album includes most of the artists comprising Hellven’s
fifth incarnation, featuring virt, hunz, epoq, rs3, funkymuskrat,
xerxes & mv.

Comments and feedback can be left at the site’s forums.
Keep an eye on Hellven in the coming days for a full statement from mv
on the return of Hellven, as well as what’s in store for the site and its artists in the