Earthbound: Bound Together Released

Today joe_cam announced the release of his “Bound Together” project, an arrangement of song from Earthbound. Bound Together features 32 tracks, adding up to over 2 hours of music, by over 25 artists including Shael Riley, Ailsean, Beatdrop, po!, the OneUps, virt, Dale North, and many many more!
Hop on the Bound Together torrent and check it out! Also be sure to check out the official website.

Beatdrop – Everlast

Beatdrop’s new album is, plainly to say, awesome. But that word does no justice to Dain Olsen (Beatdrop). This album, dubbed Everlast,
is a mix of many, high energy sounds. Dain makes no hesitation to make
this album kick ass. A swirl of techno and electronic sounds, Everlast
is an excellent balance of all kinds of digital oddities and passages.
The album is definitely in Dain’s innermost, familiar style coupled
with some tracks of new and brilliant flair, from drum n bass to
chillout to techno Hi-NRG.
Everlast is a must-get. Just remember to Paypal donations to [email protected]. Dain has put a lot of effort and money to make this album!

TRACK LIST of Everlast

Disc 1

  1. Beatdrop – Intro
  2. Beatdrop – Everlast
  3. Beatdrop – Syntax
  4. Beatdrop – Volition
  5. Beatdrop – Hooke
  6. Beatdrop – Frigga
  7. Beatdrop – Theoretical
  8. Beatdrop – Supernovatomic
  9. Beatdrop – Glows Like Crimson
  10. Beatdrop – Our Little War
  11. Beatdrop – Time (feat. Chris Serani)
  12. Beatdrop – REM
  13. Beatdrop – Blowback
  14. Beatdrop – single voice
  15. Beatdrop – Your Love
  16. Beatdrop – Neutron
  17. Beatdrop – Lazy
  18. Beatdrop – Arena
  19. Beatdrop – Droppin’
Disc 2
  1. Beatdrop – Analog Meat Grinder (Been Sharpened Mix)
  2. Beatdrop – Your Love (Edit)
  3. Mazedude vs. Beatdrop – Ms. Defy (Pt. 8)
  4. Beatdrop – Certified Insane (Straight Jacket Mix)
  5. Beatdrop – !@#$
  6. Beatdrop – The End (WildCard Mix)

VGDJ: Episode #023

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix: That lovable pink creampuff is being featured again in a unique site project, Cyan_Ide needs a competition for a Compo Report theme, another SGX CD is given away and djpretzel is an angry frenchman… all this and more in this Rayzayears+1 23rd episode.

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Captain Jack, dead at 43

Cuban-born dance music artist Franky Gee, better-known to his European fans as “Captain Jack,” has died of a brain haemorrhage while in Spain, German media reported on Saturday. He was 43.
In a 10-year career that began in 1995, the former U.S. soldier and one-time German stock broker sold more than 7 million albums and singles, earning 19 gold and platinum discs with titles like “Drill Instructor” and “Soldier, Soldier.”

Gee was born in Cuba in 1962 as Francisco Gutierrez.

His parents emigrated to Miami when he was a child. He later joined the U.S. army, ending up in Germany, where he stayed from 1988 holding a variety of jobs before entering the music business.

Source: Reuters

VGDJ: Episode #022

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix:
zyko is leaving us, Beatdrop’s got some new beats, and the SGX contest
is in FULL SWING! The first winner is announced and the next question
is out there…We’re Ramaless, turkeyless, and
other-vg-remix-websites-less as we trudge on through this 22nd edition.

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zyko no longer on the Judges’ Panel

From Gray’s post on OCR:

I’ve been getting bombarded with PMs and whatnot from you guys about this, so I guess now is the proper time for this.

The panel has in recent months adopted a policy where judges must meet
certain activity requirements in order to remain in the panel. The
policy is paying off, as we are in striking distance, for the first
time in over 3 years to reduce the queue backlog entirely. We are on
the brink of reducing the submission queue to the range of 2 weeks
-> live.

Ultimately, Zyko has other priorities that need attention and due to
this is no longer able to continue his position in the panel, at least
in the short term. In his almost 11 month term, he has brought new
perspectives and ways of thinking to the panel. Viewing this as both a
friend and as colleague, it is a great loss. The panel and myself would
like to wish him the best of luck and give our sincere thanks for his
help through these many months. If circumstances permit, and he finds
more time in the future to contribute he’s more than welcome to rejoin.

VGDJ: Episode #021

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix:
Chrono Symphonic comes out soon! An interview with Claado Shou who is
standing under a tin roof being pelted with hail tells us about it.
Also: Win SGX’s new remix album, Rama is back in fine form and the
Russian is shooting blanks! Check it out and more on this turkey birdy

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