zyko no longer on the Judges’ Panel

From Gray’s post on OCR:

I’ve been getting bombarded with PMs and whatnot from you guys about this, so I guess now is the proper time for this.

The panel has in recent months adopted a policy where judges must meet
certain activity requirements in order to remain in the panel. The
policy is paying off, as we are in striking distance, for the first
time in over 3 years to reduce the queue backlog entirely. We are on
the brink of reducing the submission queue to the range of 2 weeks
-> live.

Ultimately, Zyko has other priorities that need attention and due to
this is no longer able to continue his position in the panel, at least
in the short term. In his almost 11 month term, he has brought new
perspectives and ways of thinking to the panel. Viewing this as both a
friend and as colleague, it is a great loss. The panel and myself would
like to wish him the best of luck and give our sincere thanks for his
help through these many months. If circumstances permit, and he finds
more time in the future to contribute he’s more than welcome to rejoin.