EA releases Ultima Online survey.

A few days ago EA e-mailed everyone on the Ultima Online mailing list this survey. In the survey they ask if you still play or ever did play UO, and if you quit, why? Among the choices are “I don’t like UO:AoS”, “I don’t like how UO is item-based now as opposed to skill based”, and “I don’t like the new features added being added to UO.”
Additionally they go on to ask you to type out specific reasons why you left, and what you’d like to ask the producers to do to make you come back. After which they ask you for the top 3 things that would make you return, among which is “A pre-Renaissance shard that featured a rule set more like what UO launched with.” And if they made those changes, what are the odds you’d come back. “Definately.”

Could it be that EA is actually going to give back to UO what everyone has been asking for for YEARs now? To anyone who played UO over the first few years, and left as OSI and EA continued to ruin it to compete with other MMOs, this is HUGE news. So if you want old UO back, GO FILL OUT THE SURVEY!!