Gaim 2.0.0 Beta 1!!!

“We’ve released Gaim 2.0.0beta1. If you decide to try it out, please back up everything in your .gaim directory. We’re looking for lots of feedback on this release–especially what you love about it and what you hate about it.
Again, this is a beta release and should not be used by those with a heart condition, if you are pregnant, or if you are under the age of 8. Side-effects include awesomeness, dumbfoundedness, dry mouth and lava. Consult your doctor to find out if Gaim 2.0.0beta1 is right for you.”

Gaim 2.0.0 beta 1 is really not much of a change from Gaim 1.5.0,
although, some of the changes in UI and new features are useful. The UI
has been revamped and looks like the programmers favored the more
classic tabbed options rather than the old AIM-style options (which I
think was not that bad either).

The Away interface is much
better, although for me, it’s a bit cluttered since each account is one
giant button, so for me, who uses seven accounts with Gaim, it’s
somewhat annoying. Thank god you can just make that go away. The global
(not global hotkey, global as in all the accounts) away message thing
is absolutely helpful, as it is placed quite nicely at the bottom and
its uses are very favorable.

Overall, GET IT. The UI is an improvement and the Away message system is awesome.

Make sure you backup your crap like they say, though.