2005: A Saucy Year-in-Review

2005 has been another eventful year in the video game music arrangement community. Now that we’ve reached 2006, join us at ThaSauce for an informal retrospective at some of the important goings-on in the scene last year.

1/1: Dwelling of Duels: Metroid compo (winner: virt)

1/1: Auld Lang Sine original album compo

1/2: The Fat Man, Dave Govett, Joe McDermott & K. Weston Phelan are posted to OC ReMix

1/11: SoundTempest’s Original Video Game Music Competition 2 compo (winner: zircon)

2/1: Dwelling of Duels: Scrolling Shooters compo (winner: BrainCells & CarboHydroM)

2/8: Xenogears “Xenogears Light” arrangement album released by OneUp Studios

2/9: OC ReMix 5th anniversary

2/9: djpretzel interview with MP3.com

3/1: Dwelling of Duels: Free Month compo (winner: housethegrate)

3/9: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 “Hedgehog Heaven” project released by Richter (OC ReMix)

3/23: “Hits & Misses” compilation album released by Joe Cam

4/1: Dwelling of Duels: Dragon Warrior compo (winner: Ailsean)

4/1: OCR becomes EA ReMix, later fakes cease-and-desist order from Electronic Arts

4/1: Duck Hunt “Repercussions of Fowl Lamentation” released

4/25: “Tabloid Tycoon” PC game released (composer/orchestration: Chad Seiter, orchestration: Jared Hudson)

May – “A New Set of Eyes” original album released by zyko

5/1: Dwelling of Duels: Konami compo (winner: goat)

5/4: Harmony joins OCR judges panel

5/5: ThaSauce community news site launches

5/13: VG Frequency radio show ends

5/23: VGDJ podcast launches

5/25: Trenthian joins Vivendi Universal staff as QA

5/27: First recording session of the funktionalists, feauring zyko

5/31: Splendid Performance: On the Keys compo (winner: Disturbed)

6/1: Dwelling of Duels: Free Month compo (winner: housethegrate)

6/3: OverLooked ReMiX launched

6/5: Dwelling of Duels: Joke compo

6/16: Super Mario World “SMW” arrangement album released by XOC

6/21: Shnabubula joins OCR judges panel

6/25: Kirby’s Adventure “Rise of the Star” project released by DarkeSword (OC ReMix)

6/28: “The OneUps Volume 1” arrangement album released by The OneUps (OneUp Studios)
6/30: “Impulse Prime” original album released by zircon

July – zircon joins Bela D Media staff as sample developer

July – Sephfire is engaged

7/1: Dwelling of Duels: Mario compo (winner: Ashane & norg)

7/6: Video Games Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA

7/12: Splendid Performance: In the Band compo (winner: trickwaters)

7/15: Skuljagger “OMFSKÜLFAGGER” project released by OL ReMiX

7/19: “Synesthetic v1.1” original album re-released by SGX

7/20: “Gone in Thirty Seconds” remix album released by analoq

7/30: Third Annual OneUp Studios BBQ, Fayetteville, AR

8/1: Dwelling of Duels: Racing Games compo (winner: SnappleMan)

8/1: Auld Lang Sine 2 original album compo

8/1: FFmusic Dj’s mother passes away

8/2: “Silent Horror” movie DVD released by X-Strike Studios

8/8: Doom “The Dark Side of Phobos” project released by Mythril Nazgul (OC ReMix)

8/15: OCR Idol finals: Chrono Cross (winner: Hemophiliac)

8/18: News feature on VGM fan arrangement community at 1UP.com

8/20: Otakon OC ReMix meetup, Baltimore, MD

8/21: Richter joins VGMix staff

8/23: “Spy Hunter / Super Spirit” GBA game released (composers: virt, Chad Seiter)

8/23: Splendid Performance: Around the Square compo (winner: Zas)

8/31: Remix.Kwed.Org redesigned

8/31: C64 Audio redesigned

September – “Back in Time Live” concert DVD/CD released by C64 Audio

September – “It’s Binary, Baby!” album released by Makke

September – Dwelling of Duels: Tornado of Solos compo (popular winner: Dennis Mott, judged winner: Ryan8Bit)

9/1: Hellven relaunches with its fifth incarnation of artists

9/1: “Debut” original album released by Hellven

9/1: “The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer” multiplatform game released (score assist: Chad Seiter)

9/7: Shnabubula kicked off OCR judges panel

9/9: “Celestia Event vol.1: SquareEnix Arrangement Festival” project released

9/10: VG Frequency radio show presents surprise return
9/10: TO joins OCR judges panel

9/15: “st rotfest and the death monastic” original album released by Royal Sefton (Hellven)

9/19: “Septic Dreams” original album released by Children of the Monkey Machine

9/20: “The Legend of Kay” PS2 game released in US (composer: virt)

9/20: “We ♥ Katamari” PS2 game released in US; intro of Corey vs
Corey’s Katamari Damacy fan arrangement “Katamari on the Drugs” covered
near-verbatim without prior knowledge by Akitaka Tohyama for
“Introduction” on official soundtrack

9/24: Trenthian kicked off “Bound Together” after complaining about Mustin’s track “Flying Man”

9/27: “Ultimate Arcade Games” GBA game released (composers: mv, Mustin)

October – virt joins Gameloft NYC staff as audio designer

10/1: Dwelling of Duels: Free Month compo (winner: norg)

10/3: Journey to Silius “J0URN3Y 2 51L1U5” project released by OL ReMiX

10/4: Splendid Performance: With a Voice compo (winner: Darangen)

10/10: “Better Than Sliced Beats” remix album released by SGX

10/14: “Everlast” original album released by Beatdrop

10/14: Topaz’s “Video Game Remix in Under 10 Minutes”

10/15: Ailsean married

10/18: Chrono Trigger “The Chrono Trigger Mixtape, Vol. #1” mixtape album released by Compromised

10/26: djpretzel withdraws from “Bound Together” upon learning of virt’s surprise involvement

10/29: FAGFest: Halloweenis meetup

10/31: EarthBound “Bound Together” project released by Joe Cam

November – PC Gamer #154 does article on Doom “The Dark Side of Phobos” (page 140)

11/1: Dwelling of Duels: Mana compo (winner: Ashane)

11/1: Melin, norg join VGMix staff

11/5: Anime Remix’s Halloween Remix Competition 2005 (winner: analoq)

11/5: Copenhagen Retro Concert, hosted by Press Play on Tape, Copenhagen, Denmark

11/5: “Ready. Vocally too” arrangement album released by Visa Röster

11/13: “Project: Snake” movie by X-Strike Studios premiers at vgXpo, Philadelphia, PA

11/14: “The American Album” arrangement album released by Mazedude

11/14: The Wingless joins Midway Games staff as user interface designer

11/22: DJ Carbunk1e & Eko have their first child

11/23: Remix.Kwed.Org 5th anniversary

12/3: Washington, DC OC ReMix meetup

12/4: Splendid Performance: Reborn Meaning compo (winner: Rexy)

12/4: JigginJonT joins OCR judges panel

12/10: Southern California OC ReMix meetup, Santa Barbara, CA

12/13: Beatdrop leaves for Navy bootcamp

12/15: FL Studio 6 released by Image-Line

12/18: “Minibosses Brass” arrangement album released by The Minibosses

12/19: “The Mirror Effect” original album premieres on Digitally Imported, released by Xerxes (Hellven)

12/25: “Toybox” original album released by Shael Riley

12/27: Sephfire married

12/30: NYC OC ReMix meetup, New York City, NY

12/31: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest “Misstik Kwest” project released by Joe Cam (OL ReMiX)
12/31: FAGFest II meetup, Berwick, PA