Popular Track Substitution Competition #1

In an OCR thread, TCK writes:

The aim of this competition is to create an original track that could replace a given track from a popular game title. The track to be replaced could be one of the popular tracks of a soundtrack, or it could be a weak link in an otherwise great soundtrack. Think of it as being handed an almost completed soundtrack, and being asked to create a song that fits both the soundtrack and scene.

The best track is the one that is considered to fit the general theme of the soundtrack, as well as fit the setting the replaced track is used in. It’s not necessarily the best sounding piece.

The concept is similar to that of TOMC. However, the idea of PTSC is to create tracks that fit a specific game and situation.

PTSC #1 Details
Track: Terra’s Theme
Game: Final Fantasy VI
System: SNES

The SPC soundpack can be found here. You’ll need SNESamp to play this file. The track being replaced is track 29 in the linked soundpack.

This one’s the obligatory first choice suggested by Liontamer, due to its popularity. Most of you should be familiar with the original track and setting. However, if not, this track is used as a world map theme, as well as the theme of, arguably, the main character of the game.

Rules and basic guidelines:

  1. The song must be original, and not be a remix of any kind (though there are exceptions – see rule 4)
  2. The song should attempt to fit the style of the rest of the soundtrack. People who have played the game in question should have the advantage to know what to expect, but those who haven’t can still participate.
  3. There are no real limits to how good the track you submit should sound sonically, but tracks should attempt to sound as though they could be downgraded and still sound reputable on the relevant system.
  4. Cameos of other songs from the soundtrack are allowed, but ONLY if the cameo track in question precedes the replaced track, and if the use of the cameo can be justified by the artist.
  5. Collaborations will be allowed, but neither of the two collaborating may submit an additional song
  6. The song should be submitted with two loops, except when the original song doesn’t loop.
  7. Link to the final release of your entry must be private messaged to me before the deadline (keep it on the server until the voting process begins) Do not post your song in the thread. However, feel free to post it in the WIP:Other forum. I may be able to sort out hosting prior to the event, where artists may submit their songs. Until such hosting is sorted though, you’ll have to host it yourselves.
  8. Try to label your song as follows: Artist_-_Song_Title_PTSCnumber.mp3. For example: if TCK submits a song to replace One Winged Angel for PTSC3, the label should be TCK_-_One_Winged_Angel_PTSC3.mp3.
  9. Submit your song in the MP3 format. You’ll also be allowed to submit in an alternate format such as .mod, .spc, etc., but only in addition to the MP3 file.
  10. The deadline is Monday the 27th of March, at 12AM EST (GMT -5).
  11. The winner of the competition gets to choose the replaced track in the next PTSC.