ReMix:ThaSauce goes live!

ReMix:ThaSauce goes live!

What is this thing? R:TS is a new video game arrangement
site brought to you by the creators of ThaSauce. Our goal is to put the fun
back into arrangement. We believe that some are placing too much emphasis on sample
quality and production levels, rather than focusing on arrangement and

What about it? R:TS uses a submission system similar to
classic OverClocked ReMix. Submissions are evaluated by a small group of 2-3 “arbiters”,
who each have the power to approve a song. Basically all it takes is one “yes”

Who is it? R:TS was created by Suzumebachi, Fusion2004, and
designed by Eon Blue under the direction of SgtRama. The current arbiters are
SgtRama, Xerol, and Suzumebachi.

Schwat? Send us your songs, remixers! The site itself is
still currently under construction, but all the core features are there, as
well as information on submitting your works to us!

Ok? Hope to see you

Check us out at:


Suzumebachi & Fellow R:TS Staff