Google Mars

If the Earth and Moon weren’t enough, Google is using its map technology to provide images of Mars. Currently available is a false color elevation map, a visible map (which is in black & white), and a high-detail infrared view.
There are also markers for Mars landers (such as Spirit & Opportunity, as well as the planned landing sites of failed missions), geographic features, and named regions.

Google has registered domains for GoogleMercury, GoogleVenus and GoogleJupiter, but says it has no current plans to provide other planets at this time.

Sony Dualshock Appeal Rejected

Sony may be forced to halt production on the Playstation 2 console and a large portion of its games, after a federal judge rejected an appeal to a patent infringement lawsuit by Immersion Corp. over the Dualshock technology used by the console, controllers, and games.

Sony lost the original case but appealed, and was allowed to continue to produce and sell the materials while the appeal was pending, but the order now goes into full effect now that the appeal has been denied. This also may affect whether the PS3 will have backwards compatibility with PS2 games that use the technology.

Read the full story here.

VGDJ: Episode #034

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

We’re spicing it up here at VGDJ, with a little website facelift, *tripple* remixer birthdayage, a fresh batch of Bun Bun’s, and the dig on Play! A Video Game Symphony straight from our resident Chicagoan. The intro contest plows on as Wingless leaks his secret plot to punch Jeremy Seol in the face…among other things… Get it all on this PixieMixalicious (try saying that five times fast) episode!

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FLMC 1 Winner – Prophecy

chthonic wrote:

You can download all the entries at


That’s right, folks. With a total of a shitload of votes, Prophecy has taken first prize with his teknoshitz entitled simply “KTHX”. A poorly veiled, arrogant, and premature acceptance speech? Probably. A good song? Maybe.

Here is the OFFICIAL TALLY. Each first place vote was worth three points, each second worth 2, and each YOU GET THE IDEA.

the OFFICIAL tally wrote:
IIIIIIII – debeerguy
I – fusion

As you can see, I am clearly as good or better than Prophecy. The numbers do not lie.

You can read the full results in the original thread on OCR.

Anime Remix 3.0 Testing in Progress

As I’ve completed modules in part of Anime Remix 3.0, I’ve selected a group of testers to clean up the site.  I’ve had a lot of input from djpretzel, mDuo, and others on the site design and concepts.  I’ve developed my own backend that will allow for very easy maintenance of the site, and I still have maintained the idea of customization via skins.

I’m currently looking for a Test Manager to ensure the testers are testing according to the rules as well as making sure that each Error/Bug is properly handled.  Let me know if you’re interested via email.

We’re currently restructuring our administration and the way a few things work.  It’ll fix some issues and questions that were previously raised.

Announcing the MAGFest M4 Remember-Pak

From MAGFest Official Website:

Hey folks!

We’re now accepting donations which will be turned into a pre-order for
what we’re calling the MAGFest M4 “Remember-Pak”. Basically, you’ll get
audio files in both MP3 and Ogg Vorbis of the concert, a bunch of
pictures and videos, a program book (just in case you lost yours), an
oldschool flyer, and if you want some M5 flyers we’ll send those along

Donate $20 to MAGFest and receive an M4 Remember-Pak

which includes:

MAGFest M4 Concert on DVD in both MP3 and Ogg Vorbis
Another DVDR with pictures and videos from MAGFest M4
MAGFest M4 program booklet (just in case you didn’t get one)
“Old-school” M4 flyer (ha!)
Any other cool junk we might be able to find laying around
We’ll even put the DVDs in a snazzy case with some cool printout.

Please note!
We currently don’t have a shipping date.
It’ll be ready when it’s ready.
As soon as it is, it’ll go out to you.

Check it out here

VGDJ: Episode #033

This week on the show about video game music remixes at OverClocked ReMix: Have you ever wondered what your favorite OCR judge sounds like in a drunken stupor of song? Well, speculate no further, because this week we’re bringing you a judges special! Our official *intro contest begins, dual new remixes from yours truly, Wingless gives love advice to an adoring fan, and Pixie is assaulted with…tampons? Don’t miss this all-new, blackidy black edition of VGDJ!

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OverLooked ReMiX Turns One

Eriw wrote, “I can’t believe it’s been one year! At this time last year, I thought we were going to have about 10 songs. But 413 songs – that’s more than one song per day! (<--- math genius) I’m glad to know you all. Thanks for all the joy, laughter, drama, criticism and shit you bring us. And yeah, thanks for the remixes!”