New VGDJ CoHost!

pixietricks writes:

“Ahem! Announcing VGDJ’s newest cohost…

Mr. Andrew “Zircon” Aversa! […] As a remixer, mod, and judge, Zircon couldn’t be more on top of the scene. His dedication should speak for itself, but just in case it doesn’t… He’s one heck of a dude. With a history of busy cohosts, I’m more than relieved that we’re gonna have someone as dependable as Andrew around. Not to mention that we have actually met (and bonded, like seriously!) in real life, so I’m really looking forward to working together!
Zircon goes to school in Philly and lives in New York, which are both managable distances from my own school and home locations, so don’t be surprised if we cook up something special for the near future.

Anyway, I know some of you may be missing Wangless, but hey- life goes on. I think every host brings something different to the show, and I’m certainly looking at this as positive change. John had a great radio presence, for sure, but he couldn’t devote enough time to VGDJ: didn’t want to receive or reply to the emails, hardly ever showed up in our IRC chat, etc. We’re gonna make this a real team effort again, just like the good ol’ days. So please extend your warmest welcomes toooooo Ziiiirrrcccoooonnn! ^_^

P.S. We’re shooting for an episode this coming Monday, but can’t say for sure until we figure out some mic quality stuffs.”