CompoST 55

CompoST 55 was held today. The theme was “Haunted House.” The entries are located at Participating today was me, Tyler Heath, Catlein, Garian, and Fusion2004. Ty won, obviously :). GHETTOSTS!
CompoSTs [short for Compo and SoundTempest put together :)] are thematic videogame music OHCs, held in #soundtempest on EsperNet. They are scheduled whenever anyone feels like compoing.

Formats allowed are music modules [it,s3m,xm,mod], NSF, mp3, and ogg.

I host the CompoSTs personally and also participate. I pick the theme and regulate the start and end time. I also decide whether the channel votes on a winner or not [sometimes when I am tired, there is no voting :)]

Come hang out in #soundtempest, and please let me know if/when you would like to have one.