Silent Hill movie debuts!

April 21st, 2006 may not be as memorable as the date which preceeds it,
but I will certainly remember it as the day on which I spent the best
six dollars on a matinee, ever. Thats right, I’m talking Silent Hill
baby. While I feel the marketing was a little too aggressive, and many
of the scenes used in the commercials were out of context, I have to
say that it was well worth my time and money to have gone and seen it.
While Konami wasn’t in direct control of the film, Akira Yamaoka composed the score and was one of the executive producers.
While the film does not directly derive from any specific game, it is
an exceptional expansion upon the existing Silent Hill framework,
supplying a new interpretation of what Silent Hill is to its fans. As
many may know, the Silent Hill series tends not to have much as far as
a contiguous storyline, but is more of a compilation of stories with
the haunting ville as a backdrop for horror. While a few of the latter
games try to ease away from this trend, I don’t see that it takes away
from the fun factor in any way, and this film was definately fun,
although I would suggest you take a friend if you’re a bit squeamish.
Check it out, yo!