The new SoundTempest needs your assistance!

Alright guys, I need your help. It is my personal opinion that SoundTempest, or what SoundTempest once was, needs to be revived in full. Our channel, #soundtempest on EsperNet, is still alive, and we have OHCs every now and then, however, it’s only a shadow of what ST used to be – a full community devoted to aiding both budding, promising musicians and game developers alike.

Since Andrew [zircon] is using SoundTempest as one of his main hosting sites still, simply reviving SoundTempest under the same name is impossible. So I’m thinking of new ones. I like the idea of a garden, there’s a whole metaphor for “growing” there. Outlawed words: “Sector, Section, Depot, Station” :). Maybe “dev-garden” since it has to do with game development in a way?

Anyway, the reason I’m thinking up names already is because I like how SoundTempest operated already. It worked. We got some interest from game developers, and there’s that whole Waerloga deal I had 😀 😀 :D. However, I still need help with site layout and logo, so if you guys could offer your help, that would be awesome, since I have experience in neither web OR logo design

I’m currently negotiating with ThaSauce crew about hosting [thanks guys!], so we might have that covered.

I’ve got that feeling in my gut. This will be a success! I look forward to a great site.