VGM DOCUMENTARY in the makes

Over at some people took the initiative to start a project about Video Game Music. They want to make a documentary video about VGM in general. It’s called “-PLAY- a VGM movie”. You might think it has something to do with the identically named “-PLAY- Live Symphony Tour”, but it is not associated with it.

These guys are not your average VGM fans that just want to make a movie. No their plan has great potential. They are going to get involved with VGM artists/ musicians. Interviewing them, taking footage of their performances and showing the “world ” what Game Music is all about. Check their site out.

If you ask me I would say this is a step in the right direction. Not only it’s the first VGM documentary of this kind, it’s also a good way of getting the attention of people that are not so involved with VGM. Giving them an insight of what VGM is and why “WE” love it this much.

And that’s the reason I think these people need our support, go to their myspace site (they will soon have their own site) and thank them. Say what you think. Link their page on your site. Do what you will but don’t forget by supporting them you make sure they support us the “VGM community” back.