Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Alright, I realize that this might be overkill, however, since it was released on Tuesday, I might as well go ahead and give you a head’s up.
First of all, I bought my copy at the local Best Buy for $15USD. Might be more or less elsewhere. And I’m sure that sale ends on Saturday, so if you can, hurry up and buy it.

Now, no spoilers or anything here, but I’ve watched it, and it’s not bad. Unless you’re one of those people who got their hands on a subtitled japanese version via whatever P2P downloading program you swear by, you should at least pick up Advent Children anyway.

I picked up the Special Edition version, which I believe is the only version out in the US. Its upsetting that there was no Advent Pieces to go with this release, but, that’s why they have on-line stores. With this Special Edition, you get the full movie, plus a second disc with some extras.

For those of you not in the know on this release, you don’t get the Last Order Anime, and you don’t get anything that the Japanese release has. You do however, as was stated by various sources over the last several months, get a 101 minute movie with some of the coolest CGI sequences since the dismal Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

The selected voice acting for the English version of the AC release is well done. Though I think they could’ve done a bit better with the scripting, as some things do not make sense, its not hard to follow if you watch it from start to finish.

Anyway, this is just a rough review of FF7AC, if you want to find out just how good, or bad if that’s your take on it, that this movie is, then check it out for yourself. Rent it if you have to, but at least watch it.

And finally, be thankful. This, for me, has been worth the wait.