ThaSauce T-Shirts; May News Blitz

We’re preparing to roll out ThaSauce merchandise in the near future, but first we need YOUR opinion on it. Please vote in the attached poll for your size and color preference. We will probably only print one color style in the first run, but we can mix-and-match sizes so we will try to order in an appropriate ratio of sizes.

There are a few more issues to consider when voting:

  • Black shirts with the white logo will cost more, probably around $2-3 more per shirt.
  • We will probably base our purchase on the votes by color, but if you don’t think you’ll purchase a shirt in the next few months, please leave a comment insteadĀ of votingĀ – this lets us know where the future demand might be, without “contaminating” the results for our first order, which will help ensure that we have the correct sizes for those who want them.
Depending on our costs and the style, the final shipped cost of the shirts will probably be $10-12 for the end-user, including shipping (within the US, at least – international orders may be more). This is slightly above our cost, mostly to cover hosting fees and unsold shirts.

In addition, when the shirts are ready, you will finally be able to do something with your points. While we have yet to announce an exact figure, it will be a sizeable amount (the merchandise isn’t free for us) and therefore we are announcing the May News Blitz – all submitted stories posted in the month of May will recieve double points2000 per story.