We need a featured song for May!!

Some of you may have noticed we haven’t updated the featured song for April. This isn’t because we’re lazy and haven’t updated the block, it’s because we have an effing 4-way tie!!
We really need people to vote and/or nominate songs and give us a tie-breaker for May. So anyone internet hop on over to ThaWiki for FEATURED SONG VOTING.

TOMC12 – ”You Sneaky Thief!”

The twelfth installment of the Thematic Original Music Competition gets underway with the theme selected by Flik: the always euphamistic “treasure hunter’s theme”.
As Flik describes it:

“It has been raining all day long, but as dusk sets on the city the rain has let up, and all inhabitants of the city are eager to step out of their homes for a while. Some going to the pubs, some doing late night shopping. Fortunatly “shopping” is your specialty. While the people are away, the skilled thief goes to play…and work. Do you have the cunning skill that it takes to be a master thief, or will an armed citizen or city watchman be your end?”

View the thread on OCReMix for rules and entry details.

The new SoundTempest needs your assistance!

Alright guys, I need your help. It is my personal opinion that SoundTempest, or what SoundTempest once was, needs to be revived in full. Our channel, #soundtempest on EsperNet, is still alive, and we have OHCs every now and then, however, it’s only a shadow of what ST used to be – a full community devoted to aiding both budding, promising musicians and game developers alike.

Since Andrew [zircon] is using SoundTempest as one of his main hosting sites still, simply reviving SoundTempest under the same name is impossible. So I’m thinking of new ones. I like the idea of a garden, there’s a whole metaphor for “growing” there. Outlawed words: “Sector, Section, Depot, Station” :). Maybe “dev-garden” since it has to do with game development in a way?

Anyway, the reason I’m thinking up names already is because I like how SoundTempest operated already. It worked. We got some interest from game developers, and there’s that whole Waerloga deal I had 😀 😀 :D. However, I still need help with site layout and logo, so if you guys could offer your help, that would be awesome, since I have experience in neither web OR logo design

I’m currently negotiating with ThaSauce crew about hosting [thanks guys!], so we might have that covered.

I’ve got that feeling in my gut. This will be a success! I look forward to a great site.

Video Games Live! Store Now Open

A recent email from Video Games Live has made a few announcements and one of it’s biggest, it’s online store; is now open. The store can be found here.
Also taken from the email was a quote about their progress on DVD’s or soundtracks for VGL!

“A lot of people have asked us about VGL DVD’s or soundtracks. We are currently working on this and have been filming and recording all of our shows. We hope to have something out by the end of the year. We’ll definitely keep you posted.”

for more information visit http://www.videogameslive.com/

Merino releases LIVE tracks including Filtered Water.

Anyone who was a regular listener to VG Frequency should be familiar with Merino’s “Filter Water,” and even those who were NOT regular listeners of VGF should probably get themselves aquianted with it to.
Merino has updated their MySpace with LIVE version of Filter Water along with live versions of a few of their other songs including Search Lights and Smoke. All the songs are availible for streaming, downloading, and adding as your MySpace song, be sure to check them out.

Additionally you can pick up Merino’s Search Light EP over at their website.

New Shael Album + ShaelRiley.com gets a facelift!

So I was poking around the internet today, looking to check up on some of my favorite remixer’s original works, and I noticed something over at Shael’s LiveJournal.
Apparently the man has just recently released a NEW CD entitled, “Silly Puppy: Songs From the Film P. Rappa’s Nth Mile.” (an obvious reference to the X-Strike Studio’s film.) I’ve listened to a number of the tracks and I must say, like ALL Shael Riley songs, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Check it out here: http://www.shaelriley.com/sillypuppy

Also be sure to check out Shael’s new front page (which has had a nice update), and a new single, “Wall.”

Silent Hill movie debuts!

April 21st, 2006 may not be as memorable as the date which preceeds it,
but I will certainly remember it as the day on which I spent the best
six dollars on a matinee, ever. Thats right, I’m talking Silent Hill
baby. While I feel the marketing was a little too aggressive, and many
of the scenes used in the commercials were out of context, I have to
say that it was well worth my time and money to have gone and seen it.
While Konami wasn’t in direct control of the film, Akira Yamaoka composed the score and was one of the executive producers.
While the film does not directly derive from any specific game, it is
an exceptional expansion upon the existing Silent Hill framework,
supplying a new interpretation of what Silent Hill is to its fans. As
many may know, the Silent Hill series tends not to have much as far as
a contiguous storyline, but is more of a compilation of stories with
the haunting ville as a backdrop for horror. While a few of the latter
games try to ease away from this trend, I don’t see that it takes away
from the fun factor in any way, and this film was definately fun,
although I would suggest you take a friend if you’re a bit squeamish.
Check it out, yo!

source: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Hill_(film) www.sonypictures.com/movies/silenthill

OverLooked ReMix Temporary downtime

Anyone who’s visted OverLooked Remix late’ll notice that the site is currently down down in an earlier round…
No worries, though. It’s not an elaborate hack job by BS Inc. or anything like that. Richter is simply moving the site to a new (an apparently much better) server. No word on exactly how long the transcition’ll take, but in the meantime you’re encouraged to visit the OLReMix chatroom.

100,000 hits! Also: Update feed plz

Today is a joyous day for ThaSauce. It is on this day, a little less than a year after launching, that we’ve reached 100,000 hits. One-hundred-fricken-thousand. Awesome. Regretably neither me nor Xerol were actually aroudn to witness it, but oh well. It is ALSO on this day that I bring you 2 (quasi-)new features. Well…both of them have actually been around for alittle while, but I never really made them LIVE until now…
First of which is ThaSauce (PSP). After seeing VGCat‘s PSP version comic, I thought it would be cool to make a version of ThaSauce that was viewable through the PSP browser. Big thanks to NNY and OCRE for their feedback. (OCRE actually provided me with a few photos that I’ll add alittle later for anyone who’s interested in how it actually looks on a PSP.)

Second is a new feed provided by FeedBurner. It’s really preferred that everyone who subscribes to our RSS feed switch to the FeedBurner version, because it’s way better formatted and compatible with more browsers, and also helps us keep track of how many people subscribe. You can find the new feed on the bottom of the page, or here works too. =P

So, in closing, I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped us get this far. All those people who’ve registered on the site, all those people who’ve submitted news and content, everyone who’s contributed to ThaWiki, submittied a song to ReMix:ThaSauce, posted on our forums, or even just VISITED the site. Thanks. ThaSauce is completely depend on the participation, dedication, and feedback of it’s userbase and it’s good to see that we’ve come this far in such a short ammount of time despite numerous obstacles, naysayers, and people who just generally choose to ignore it exists. We DO exist, and we’re not going away any time soon =P.

Thanks again!