Free MMO with Final Fantasy Tactics Style Combat

So I was talking to one of the half-ops over in the WouldYouHitThis chat, when she directed me to this game called “Dofus.” The music and character illustrations on the website immediately drew me in. It totes itself as a “Tactical MMORPG”, but I didn’t really get to full effect of what that meant until I visited the Wikipedia page.
The article had this to say:

“Unlike other popular MMORPGs, Dofus is a 2-D, overhead RPG with turn-based combat. Characters are represented on the screen by customizable sprites. Combat is performed in the same manner as standard tactical RPGs, such as Final Fantasy Tactics. The user can choose from one of twelve classes, after which they can further customize by upgrading spells and characteristics. The game also features a “job” system, in which the character can pick up a trade skill to earn extra money on the side. What also makes the game unique is that it’s not a stand-alone application, instead being a Macromedia Flash program that can be played on any operating system with a Flash player.”

Final Fantasy Tactics style combat? I’m sold. You can also play Dofus for free for as long as you want, but there are certain stipulations:

*You’re stuck to 1 town, and a limited area to explore (roughly 5% of the entire map)
*You can only fight monsters ranging from levels 1-20
*You have a max level of 30
*You’re limited to what is generally n00b items
*You have a limited ammount of classes you can advance to (if any at all) *You can’t PvP

Actual subscriptions can be done in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year intervals via a wide array of payment methods and range from as much as $7 a month for 1 month to as little as $70 for an entire year.

I’m definitely gonna try this out either way, might even subscribe for a month or 2. Anyone else willing to join me, drop me a line!