VGDJ: Official OverClocked ReMix Podcast – An Unexpected Development

So thank God I was shopping around on iTunes today because I noticed it downloaded something I DIDN’T purchase, “VGDJ – An Unexpected Development.” What this this is was basically pixietricks & zircon explaination how Paul and Paul of Play! A VGM Documentary were able to get them backstage passes for the Philadelphia edition of Video Games Live!
Apparently they will be doing the show FROM …the show (concert, whatever). Either during, or in separate sessions before and after. Expect interviews from just about anyone they are able to get ahold of INCLUDING Tommie Tallarico who was actually responsible for getting them the tickets in the first place. djpretzel will also be attending the so expect to get a few words from him, though an actual full-length interview with DJP won’t be until episode 50. However, given the scale of this episode, all reports have been dropped this time around (yes, Rama Report included), but you can still expect a few suprising from ThaRamaSauce somewhere along the way 😉