new Game Over album

Game Over has released their newest heavy metal video game cover album titled NESperado. The tracks are as follows…

1. Flying high through the skull’s eye

(Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wily flies into cranium fortress)

2. Siege At Monsteropolis

(Mega Man 2 – Wily stage 1 + password music)

3. Hyrule’s Angel (The Sleeping Beauty)

(Zelda theme + dungeon music, lyrics based on Zelda 2)

4. Transylvanian Temptation
(Castlevania – level 1 & 3)

5. Addicted To Vengeance

(Streetfighter 2 – Ken stage)

6. For Those About To Climb

(Ice Climber – level theme + bonus theme)

Be sure to head over to Game Over‘s site for more details and lyrics for songs!

The OneUps Live! – Farewell Show

Copied from their Myspace bulletin:

Yeah, you heard it right. This will be the LAST PERFORMANCE from The OneUps – Saturday, May 27th from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. We still plan on recording The OneUps Volume 2 at a later date, but due to school, life changes, and various career changes/focus, the band is going to go on a permanent hiatus. Don’t miss your last chance to see The OneUps – Live!”
“Tickets are on sale on the Web at:

You can purchase a ticket in advance for $20 from the following retailers:

Rock Bottom Books in Fayetteville, Arkansas (206 N Garland Ave | Fayetteville, AR | 479.521.2917)

Vintage Stock in Springdale, Arkansas (479.756.1367 | 2940 W Sunset Ave | Springdale, AR 72762)

Vintage Stock in Rogers, Arkansas (479.936.5881 | 4505 W Walnut St | Rogers, AR 72756)


Check out the Web site for more information about the game tournaments and the Street Fighter II Arcade Game giveaway.

Expect one last hurrah with The OneUps with 4 hours of live video game music, classic arcade games on free play, video game tournaments, console and handheld gaming, Jim’s Razorback Pizza and pop, and a musical grande finale of epic proportions.

This may be the last of this band, but don’t worry about me. I have some more musical tricks up my sleeve for you all…

Thanks for all of your support. We hope to see you out there for just one more game.

In Mario We Trust,


The OneUps”

Spore coming to ALL next-gen systems

When Nintendo initially announced that Wii would be the “system that never sleeps” and that it’d always be online, I made a comment over on GamesAreFun about how that would be perfect for Spore. I had no idea they’d actually RELEASE Spore on the Wii, though!

A recent interview with Will Wright about his upcoming PC game Spore
revealed his intentions of porting it to all next-generation systems as
well as cell phones. These conversions will be released some time after
the debut of the PC version.

Spore is set for a release date of first quarter of 2007.

For more on Spore, check out our E3 hands-on impressions here.

Source: Gamespy, GamesAreFun

VGDJ: Episode #040

“This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Vee gee dee jay’s on a roll! Despite our inability to release a show last week, you guys stood by us like shadows. Watched over us like angels. Stuck to us like peanut butter on the roofs of our mouths! And all kidding aside, we really do appreciate the votes.
In turn, we feel obliged to offer you: Rama, DrumUltimA, Cyan_Ide, and a whopping three ReMix Reviews. Do what you may (seriously, go wild) with these precious gifts. And we’re just getting warmed up! Don’t forget that next week will be our special HAPPY BIRTHDAY VGDJ EPISODE, with many a special guest- including the folks from the VGDJ anniversary UK meetup in London. Enjoyyyy… ^o^”

Pick it up at

Freeware Video Game Company Simulator & More

I happened to stumble upon a website recently that has freeware games.. and not only that, they’re GOOD! One that happened to catch my eye was a game called GameBiz! Where you control a small video game company during the big video game boom of the early 80’s.
You manage employees and contracts while deciding such
factors as the genre of a game, what platform it will be for, research into upcoming platforms, if it will have multiplayer, if to
beta-test it, etc. But while doing this you have to manage finances, the time to create the game and how well certain genres of a game are doing in the current market to maximize profit. While the game is being produced you can send it off to gaming magazines and have them rate it in the three major categories. Graphics, Music, and of course the all-important Gameplay. Hiring project managers, renting out sound/graphic studios, etc. will all help in improving your games. But just be sure to keep an eye on that cashflow!

This game and other greats can be found at Osiris Games.

Also in the works is a sequel to GameBiz!, appropriately named “GameBiz II”. Screenshots and news for it can be found here.

CompoST 60!

CompoST 60 happened today! Not as good of a turnout today as I’d hoped, but I still had fun. The theme was “Alien hive,” so like certain parts of the original Metroid or Prime, or perhaps even the Zerg music from StarCraft, who doesn’t love that :)? Anyway, the entrants were myself, Xerol, D-Lux, and Suzumebachi. There was no voting this time.

Entries are here

As always, #soundtempest on PLEASE join the channel, and let me or Ty know if you want to participate in a CompoST. We can discuss and set a proper time for everyone.

I tried going for the zerg approach, of course, because that’s the music that’s been running through my head these past few days. During the compo I had some complications so I didn’t get all the ideas down that I wanted to do.

D-Lux’s is obviously humor, though he was on the right track towards a good melody.

Xerol’s was pretty neat, though it would have worked well as a short loop, since that’s basically what it is, repeated a few times. But it’s an interesting take on the theme. And a very erotic title.

Suzu’s reminded me more of the Protoss than anything 😀 only more “street-smart” or whatever. Wrong kind of alien, but the quality was okay.

Home of the Underdogs is BACK

One of the biggest abandonware sites on the internet (Home of the Underdogs) is now back up online and fully functional once again. The site which was down from March 21st 2006 until April 23rd 2006 due to problems with re-registering the domain name now has a new domain for the time being. You can visit it here…

Negotiations over the previous .org domain it once held are still underway.

DoD Updated (partially)

The Dwelling of Duels website (which has monthly live instrumentation remix competitions) has updated their website with April’s submissions (American Adventure Game Month) to download. March 2006’s Metal Gear Month submissions still need to be added to downloaded and to be judged. I’ll keep you posted as to when they get added.
DoD April 2006 American Adventure Game Top 3

1st – virt: Day of the Tentacle + Monkey Island – Look Behind You!
2nd (tie) – Danimal Cannon: King’s Quest V – A Willow that Weeps
2nd (tie) – Ryan8bit: King’s Quest V – The Wizards’ Accord
3rd – Chunkstyle: The Neverhood – Willie Guitar