ReMixing OverClocked ReMix

Yesterday Dhsu approached me about heading an OCR Project, but not a project like RotC or the recently released BotA. This project would be an OCReMix ReMix project where people create and submit CSS altercations for OCR that could be utilized via Firefox’s userContent.css or Stylish/GreaseMonkey extension.

I wasn’t entirely familiar how possible that kind of thing would be, as I wasn’t really familiar with altering CSS via Stylish. So I went to work to seeing just how much I could get done, and the result were pretty suprising….
From the thread over @ OCReMix:

Remember when OCR4 came out and everyone was crying about how much it hurt their eyes? Well, I offer you a solution:

No, that’s not a sneak preview at OCR5. That’s a [near] complete reskin of OCR4.

About OCR4 wrote:
represents a clean-up of the PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XSLT codebase that
OCR3 initiated. The site is now completely XSLT templated, outside of the forums, and the design itself is dictated entirely by CSS.

DJP was in no way lying.

The only elements I couldn’t move were:

-“Welcome to

-The java naviation menu

-Most images (well, I could hide them all but…ya’know)


However, the forum CAN and WAS hidden.

The entire site is skinned except for the alphabetical mix pages. There
are probably errors here and there, because I haven’t gone over the
entire site yet, but for the most part all core elements are done.

This CSS features:

-removed top ads

-no sidebar for the forums

-[near] complete reskin of the entire site

The CSS file can be found here, and can be used via userContent.css or Stylish Firefox extension.

As for the project itself, I wanna make sure I have a completed CSS file (song navigation included) before I actually start pitching it. I’ve already setup directories to host images for the scripts, and you can bet you’ll see a post before the end of the week.