VGDJ: Episode #044 SF2 Special!

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

back from Video Games Live with a vengeance, delivering another
plus-sized episode for your listening pleasure! Street Fighter 2 is the
theme, and we’ve got Shael Riley on board with us for an extended
interview about the latest OC ReMix project, Blood on the Asphalt. The usual suspects Cyan_Ide, Rama, and DrumUltimA are back with their weekly reports, (welcome back, guys!)
and of course we’ve got our other regular features, as well as some
tasty tidbits about video game music on the radio. Finally, ever wonder
if your favorite hosts ever slip up here and there…? Dig it!
[00:00] A timeless mystery: WTF is Ryu saying?!
[00:54] Our hosts are pumped up
for a butt-kickin’, Street Fighter 2-themed show. In fact, with your
help, we’ve fought our way to the top of the music charts on PodcastAlley. So just keep those assists coming and we’ll be one step closer to ‘world champion’!
[04:28] The Rama Report: May results for Dwelling of Duels are in (goat came in first) and June’s DoD theme is Goemon, Mystical Ninja. VGM remixer xoc releases a new, experimental album. zyko has also released a new album of original music, entitled “Survival”, at VGmix. Rama has finished an OCR skin for Winamp 3, but more importantly, has been working with Dhsu on an OCR-skinning and customization project called “OverClocked ReMix ReMix“.
[10:37] ReMix Review: From Metal Slug 2: ‘No Need to Reload‘ by RoeTaKa
… After numerous very close attempts at getting a ReMix on the site,
this was the winner for Roe, and for good reason! This mix is a
high-octane, over-the-top synth rock track that can be easily likened
to the energetic remixes of S.S.H. The gritty and edgy sound might not be everyone’s favorite, but there’s no denying the quality of this one.
[14:27] The Compo Report: A slightly sickly Cyan_Ide encourages us to participate in and vote on various competitions: TOMC13, FLMC2, PRC69, and ORC48. Awwww, snufflenutters! ;_;
[16:56] Video game music and radio? Inconceivable, but it’s true! GameMusicRadio
features 24/7 streaming VGM (American and Japanese), as well as two
radio shows that can be downloaded on demand, much like ours.
Meanwhile, RadioSEGA is a
UK-based internet stream also featuring 24/7 music (of course, only
SEGA tunes) with no talking. If you enjoy our show, give these two
virtual stations a listen.
[19:57] The Meetup Report: Australia meetups
are being developed, with a definite Sydney meetup on July 1st at the
Town Hall steps. Perth and Briz-BUN meetups are also planned for July,
but have not been set in stone.
[23:03] Russian ReMix Roulette:
Will zircon’s fantasy of seven-sharp piano music be fulfilled? What
about pixietricks and her deep-rooted TO bias? The answer is a
resounding “NO”; oh well, even the presence of Tommy Tallarico couldn’t
help our luck, so we don’t feel so bad. Anyway, orkybash‘s mix isn’t bad either – from Final Fantasy 6: ‘Ruined Skies‘.
[31:52] Shael Riley: veteran ReMixer, community hero, and director of the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project, Blood on the Asphalt.
He has joined us for an extensive interview covering the concept of the
project, its history, the ups and downs, and much more. Thanks for the
interview, dude! Awesome job to everyone involved. Also, check out
Shael’s original album, jam packed with ridiculous fun!
VOICEMAIL: Thanks Rama, Rexy, and Fusion2004! As you can see from
Rexy’s example, international callers ARE in fact able to reach our
number. If you’re British, this should work for you:
* Dial the access number for calls to the United States – check here for the number, which sometimes changes once in a while.
When it says “please enter the number you would like to call and finish
by pressing the hash (#) button” you just type 00 and THEN the VGDJ
number. In this case it’s 001 800 990 VGDJ (8435 if you can’t see any
letters imprinted on your phone).
* If you hear the VGDJ intro
music followed by our hosts speaking about the answering machine, you
know you’re at the right place.
[55:03] [stinger]

Background music used in Episode 044, in order of appearance:

– ‘New Mexican Thunderbird (T. Hawk Stage)’ by Vurez
– ‘Urban Uppercut (Sagat Stage)’ by bLiNd
– ‘Wallstreet Monster (Blanka Stage)’ by Joshua Morse and Richter
– Azumanga Daioh stuff with the Compo Report
– ‘R U Overdrize (Ryu Stage)’ by AkumajoBelmont and BrainCells
– ‘Home at Last (Dhalism Ending)’ by Malcos
– “Hi, Score! (Ranking Display) by Shael Riley
– Tetris ‘McVaffe Quasi UltiMix’ by McVaffe
– ‘Flying Heaven (Fei Long Stage)’ by zircon
– ‘Reaching for Nirudha (Dhalism Stage)’ by Malcos
– ‘Thank You, Dee Jay (Dee Jay Stage)’ by José the Bronx Rican
– ‘Made in USA (Ken Stage)’ by Sixto Sounds
– ‘I Don’t Fight Boys (Chun-Li Stage) by Red Tailed Fox and Malcos
– ‘Ending Credits Mix (Staff Roll)’ by Damien Krauss

* Note – all tracks aside from the Azumanga Daioh music and Quasi UltiMix are from the SSF2 PROJECT, of course. :>