OverClocked ReMix: Moves Tournament

From the thread @ OCR:

Ok, so I had the idea earlier today to hold a Moves tournament. Since
there’s not too many people that play, this first one is pbrbobablby
going to be small, but hopefully will build interest.


The tournament will be divided into two stages: A pool stage and a
bracket stage. Unless there’s a lot more people playing than I think,
the bracket stage will be 3 rounds, single elimination (8 slots). There
will be two pools (called “A” and “B” for simplicity), and 4 people
will advance to the bracket stage from each.

The pool stages will be round-robin, i.e. each person plays each
other person in the group. For fairness, each pairing will play TWO
matches, each person going first in one match. Points will be awarded
as follows:

-Win a match: 10 points.

-Each pawn remaining: 1 point.

-King remaining: 2 points.

This means everyone will get at least two points per match. The 4
people with the most points in each pool will advance to the bracket

The bracket stage will be a best-of-5 series in each round, with
the higher seed choosing who goes first in the first match, and then
alternating from there. (In the event of “tied” seeds, which is
possible due to drawing from two pools, the person with the highest
number of points in the bracket stage is considered to be the higher
seed; if this is tied, then the total non-win points is considered; if
it’s still tied, it’ll be a coin flip.)

The finals of the bracket stage will be a best-of-7 series instead of a best-of-5.

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