Doujin Spotlight: YAMAGEN

Hey, thought it was about time I did another one of these. 🙂 This time, our featured doujin musician (or “DTMer” as they refer to them in Japan, for “Desk Top Music”) is a guy who calls himself YAMAGEN.

His site, YAMAGEN’S DEVILELIET, is named after his modified Schecter Devil Elite. To get to the MP3s, ignore the Engrish and click on “MP3 DOWNLORD”[sic], then on “Arrangement” in the menu on the right. I would suggest highlights, but it’d be pointless because ALL the tracks are highlights (with the possible exception of the vocal “Silent Night” arrangement 😉 ).

Just get them all…trust me, they’re worth it.
Over the past few months, YAMAGEN has quickly become one of my favorite VGM arrangers, doujin or otherwise. Specializing in Squaresoft metal arrangements complemented by orchestral strings, his work has a full and meaty quality I can only describe as a pure wall of glorious electric guitar sound.

You’d also be hard-pressed to call any of his stuff a “cover”…all of his arrangements manage to bring something new and fresh to the overcrowded Square table, and have a consistent level of excellence you don’t often see in other video game arrangements. I personally think he would fit right in with the guys over at Dwelling of Duels, and it’d be awesome if he ever submitted a track.