There was a Kwakfest tonight in #kwakfest on There was no specific theme but there didn’t need to be! Read on for the link and more info.

Tonights kwakfest was: ansgaros, coda, flik, frantic, kaijin, merkizmo, nightsb, OverCoat featuring special guest DJ Michel Der Heidi, P2E [HAHA OKAY], Paragon, shonensamurai, spamtron, tumult, ubik, and virt.

Kwakfests are one hour general MIDI compos. They’re always good fun, just make sure you have working email until they get the upload system fixed [SIGH]. Anyway, they’re in #kwakfest on and announced on the VGMix forums well ahead of time.

VGDJ: Episode #043 VGL Edition!

Our longest episode yet, this special edition of VGDJ brings you a
behind-the-scenes look at Video Games Live! Besides a sizable amount of
ReMix Reviews, aided by the Pretz himself, we managed to snag
interviews with six (!) of the composers and performers involved in the
concert, including mister Tommy Tallarico, of course. Even without our
standard reports, there’s more video game music material here than you
can shake a stick at, so ya’ll would be nuts not to check this one out!
[00:00] Darkesword hookin’ us up with the speech synth/beatbox action. Phat! Get ready for the longest show evaaaarrrrr.
[01:08] This week’s show was recorded in a variety of locations, but we started in the dressing rooms backstage at Video Games Live accompanied by djpretzel. Anyway, there’s a lot of podcast to be podcasted, so before you begin, drop us a vote at podcastalley.
[03:43] ReMix Review: From Ghouls ‘N Ghosts: ‘Poltergeist Mix‘ by binster
… A tasty combination of classic synth sounds and cutting-edge ones
on top of an awesome beat. All three of us were diggin’ this.
[06:04] ReMix Review: From Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: ‘New Mexican Thunderbird‘ by Vurez
… It might not be very urban in the traditional sense, but this very
unique remix certainly deserves it’s spot on the Blood on the Asphalt
remix project.
[09:16] ReMix Review: From Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: ‘Flying Heaven‘ by zircon
… Yes. YES. You might not think ethnic instruments and slammin’
breakbeats would combine well, but as demonstrated by this mix, they
most certainly do.
[12:07] ReMix Review: From Raptor: ‘PlectraSubCity‘ by TO
… Smooth, ambient material in this one. pixietricks was swooning over
TO’s vocals, which were the high point of this solid remix.
[15:31] Co-composer for Halo and Halo 2 Michael Salvatori grants us an interview telling about his experience writing for one of the most popular franchises of all time.
[23:39] The video game pianist Martin Leung
showed up at VGL, much to the delight of everyone attending, and gave
us an interview too! If you haven’t seen this blindfolded,
Mario-playing dude, you must be living under a rock. Great to meet you,
[28:47] Gerard Marino,
the lead composer for God of War and it’s in-development sequel, gives
us his thoughts on the state of video game music today, as well as his
own experience working on an epic soundtrack.
It’s not just about the orchestral music! Marcus Henderson, the primary
player for Guitar Hero and the upcoming sequel, was happy to talk with
us. Rock on, dude, rock on.
[44:00] Composer, conductor.. remixer? Composer Jack Wall had a lot to say about his work for the Myst series, his upcoming projects, and more.
[53:28] Tommy Tallarico;
does this legendary American vgm composer really need an introduction?
We sat down with him for a bit and got a nice, full-length interview.
But that’s not all. He also helped with…
[70:38] Russian ReMix Roulette:
Before the epic, heavy-metal rolling of the die, Tommy gives us an
exclusive about an upcoming project – listen closely, because it’s
awesome! Anyway, while an Earthworm Jim remix was on the list, double
T’s dare-devil, heavy metal roll landed on Wizards and Warriors: ‘Theme‘ by bazooie.
[75:45] We
are left with an inspirational message to the members of the OCR
community, and a prediction about the future of video game music that
we certainly hope is going to come true. Thanks, Tommy!
We’re at the meet and greet right after VGL with Merk, Atma Weapon,
Steve (D-Lux), and Moguta who all tell us what they thought of the
show. Believe it or not, the line to meet all the composers (and djp)
was so long that not even everyone got to get autographs before the
theatre closed. Video game music unpopular? Not today! XD
Phew! What a day, and what an episode. We have nothing but love for the
people who put Video Games Live together – thanks for all the
interviews. Check out all the pics in our Action Shot Photo Album,
starting on page 5! Also, Paul & Paul were there the whole time
picking up some great footage, so don’t forget to check their site for
news on their upcoming video game music documentary. Now, after hearing all that, surely you’ve voted for us by now… right? We loooooove youuuuuu…
[83:48] VOICEMAIL: Abadoss, Agent Scazers, and Less Ashamed of Self.
[86:17] [stinger]

ReMixing OverClocked ReMix

Yesterday Dhsu approached me about heading an OCR Project, but not a project like RotC or the recently released BotA. This project would be an OCReMix ReMix project where people create and submit CSS altercations for OCR that could be utilized via Firefox’s userContent.css or Stylish/GreaseMonkey extension.

I wasn’t entirely familiar how possible that kind of thing would be, as I wasn’t really familiar with altering CSS via Stylish. So I went to work to seeing just how much I could get done, and the result were pretty suprising….
From the thread over @ OCReMix:

Remember when OCR4 came out and everyone was crying about how much it hurt their eyes? Well, I offer you a solution:

No, that’s not a sneak preview at OCR5. That’s a [near] complete reskin of OCR4.

About OCR4 wrote:
represents a clean-up of the PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XSLT codebase that
OCR3 initiated. The site is now completely XSLT templated, outside of the forums, and the design itself is dictated entirely by CSS.

DJP was in no way lying.

The only elements I couldn’t move were:

-“Welcome to

-The java naviation menu

-Most images (well, I could hide them all but…ya’know)


However, the forum CAN and WAS hidden.

The entire site is skinned except for the alphabetical mix pages. There
are probably errors here and there, because I haven’t gone over the
entire site yet, but for the most part all core elements are done.

This CSS features:

-removed top ads

-no sidebar for the forums

-[near] complete reskin of the entire site

The CSS file can be found here, and can be used via userContent.css or Stylish Firefox extension.

As for the project itself, I wanna make sure I have a completed CSS file (song navigation included) before I actually start pitching it. I’ve already setup directories to host images for the scripts, and you can bet you’ll see a post before the end of the week.

Xoc & Heavy Friends – Mizzle Radish Motet

The page says: “A bizarre, interweb-based, collaborative mashup of insane proportions. This monster contains sounds recorded by various artists on The Shizz and Metroid Metal forums, all brilliantly arranged by Xoc to create something altogether amazing, frightening, and hilarious.”

“Sounds recorded by Spamtron, Shawn Phase, Tackle, JellyDonut, Paragon, Ryu Hayabusa, The Chunklet, Insane Penguin, Daniel Lillie, Phlogiston, KirbyPufocia, DoctorBlackJack, Omniverse, Broken Steel, Naz, and Tropwen.

Brought to you by Xoc and Mega Twerp.”

DoD May 2006 Results

Earlier I posted the addition of the May 2006 anonymous Dwelling of Duels songs. Well now they’re tagged and ranked!

June’s DoD is Goemon month (and June’s artwork is by no other than our very own SgtRama!). Due date for song submissions is June 26th, 11pm EST. and Paragon will be taking over that month and possibly more afterwards as stated on the DoD website.

Read more for May’s DoD results, or head over to the DoD website and check them out yourself and get the songs!
1st, goat: Castlevania 2, Castlevania 3, Lament of Innocence, Curse of Darkness, Rondo of Blood – Creeping Dusk

2nd, norg: Dragon Warrior 4 – Frenzied Encounters

3rd, Master Hatchet: TMNT 2 The Arcade Game – Ninja Kick the Damn Rabbit!

4th, CarboHydroM: Mario Kart 64 – If I Had Wheels
5th, Ryan8bit: POW – Strike on the Green Beret
6th, spamtron, phlogiston, rauble, cacomistle zoast, riders: Earthbound – Six Man Single Day Global Flight
7th, gonzo: Indianapolis 500 – Wing and Wheel
8th, xoc: Legend of Zelda – Zelda Beach
9th, ansgaros and Dennis: Ninja-kun Ashura no Sho – Justice Ninja
10th tie, zyk0: Zelda II: The Adventures of Link – Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt
10th tie, FlextoneJunkie: Shatterhand – Ghost of Gus Grover
11th, Kidd Cabbage: Chrono Cross – Angelus Errare
12th tie, Kadmium: Zelda 3 – Dark World
12th tie, Tackle: Mega Man 3 – Top of the Line
13th tie, Noise and a Beat: Mega Man 3 – Snake Nab
13th tie, Insane Penguin: Pokemon Gold/Silver, Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Mysteries of the Unown
14th, DZX: Namco X Capcom – Brave New World
15th tie, Cory: Virtual On Force – Acoustic Apharmd
15th tie, Random Dances: Diablo – Hel
16th, Theo Confidor: Brainwave – Engage Your Mind
17th, Ashane: Final Fantasy 4 – Lunaric Sonority
18th, Xeon Odyssey: Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Dancing with the Dragon
19th tie, Kuribo’s Shoegaze: Drakkhen – This Night on Earth
19th tie, Koelsch1: Zelda: Ocarina of Time – The Jabu-Jabu Jazz Orchestra: Goronville
20th, tibone: Mega Man 3 – A Robot Named Megaman
21st, Paragon: Final Fantasy 6, 7 – Over My Dead World
22nd, Danimal Cannon: Chrono Trigger – The Summoning

Videogames Aim For Olympic Recognition

Chris Morris at CNN’s Game Over column reports that there is a push on for possible representation of pro gaming at the 2008 Olympics. From the article: “Television
networks are getting interested, too. NBC’s USA Network will air a
series of seven hour-long shows featuring Major League Gaming
tournaments this fall.

But financial and network interest don’t earn a sport an Olympic
berth; Just ask fans of golf, motorcycle racing and bowling – or, for
that matter, baseball, which (along with softball) will be dropped from
the Olympics in 2012. And the fact that video gaming is so technology
dependent could be particularly damaging.”

Source: slashdot