Dwelling of Duels Jun 06 Results – Goemon Month

Not so many entries this time in this Goemon themed compo
(composition competition – a term generally used to describe competitions that
take place within a limited amount of time). SnappleMan takes the cake for this

Here are the stats:
#1 – SnappleMan – Goemon’s Great Adventure – Devil’s Heaven
#2 (tie) – Ryan8Bit – Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES) –
Mist, the Bringer of Pain

#2 (tie) – Gwarth – Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES) – Gold
Coins to a Cat

#4 – Danimal Cannon – Ganbare Goemon 1 (NES) – I’ve never heard
of this game

Here are the other

Next month is Follin Month! This will be great because the top entries will
probably be featured in Larry ‘Liontamer’ Oji’s Tim Follin Project, so work
hard! (Tim Follin has a ton of games to mix from including the famous Bionic