Whatever happened to Daknit??

Well he turned into a beatnik…ok not really, but he’d certainly lead you to believe so…

From the thread on OCReMix:

Quick update, I don’t do remixes as much anymore, but I’m now into
video. I got a weekly Blog/Show called Daknit Video found on You tube.
I got 2 and 1/2 episodes up now (they are kinda crappy in quality) and
I’m working on a third for this weekend. Plus, you finally get a chance
tosee what i look like. (if you care) I’ll also try to do a quick
midweek video. something short and entertaining. And yes, that’s a OC
mix I’m using as my theme. No, it’s not mine. i’m “barrowing” it until
I can find a better.

ANYwho, I hope to see you all around. And you younglings, quit trying to kick me. =P”
Daknit is still Daknit.


Anyone remember that Dream Oath Poem (FF6 Celes Opera Song)? Here, have a good laugh.