Real Orchestra to perform famous c64 tunes

C64 Orchestra is a production of Micromusic Netherlands and ON (a
Netherlands-based organisation supporting computer/dance/audio/visual
culture). For this production, C64 Orchestra approached two of the most
experienced C64-users from the 1980s, Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. Some
of their greater works have been rewritten to be played by a classic

The compositions that they are going to play:

Rob Hubbard’s compositions:

Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid, Commando, International Karate

Jeroen Tel’s:

Cybernoid II, Hawkeye, Myth, Supremacy

The tour is going to be in the Netherlands in September, specific dates will be posted on their website in due time.

Thanks for your time, hope you’re in the neighbourhood to check out the concert in September.

(News submitted by Bassie / RBi)

Source: Remix64