HELP WANTED: OverClocked ReMix Staff Positions

OverClocked ReMix is looking for individuals to fill three staff positions.
Japanese Language Correspondent/Translator (2)

These two positions would be available to djpretzel, the judges panel,
and other OCR staff or project coordinators for translating material to
and from Japanese. Possible contexts would be contacting Japanese
composers for questions/interviews, translating site materials into
Japanese, translating submission emails made in Japanese, and
performing site-related research using Japanese websites.

We’re NOT looking for third or fourth-year Japanese students who
have a basic proficiency with spoken Japanese and hiragana/katakana
only. We’re looking for fluent readers & writers specifically, with
a strong grasp of Kanji, who can visit text-heavy Japanese websites and
without much effort know what’s being said. I don’t want to discourage
people *too* much, but I know that a lot of OCR visitors are anime
fans, like myself, who know at least a little “otaku” Japanese from
watching Evangelion, etc., and I want to be clear that we’re looking
for fluent readers and writers of the language. There may be some sort
of test involved, depending on interest.

Neither of these positions would require too much time/effort – it
would be intermittent, from month to month, probably going weeks or
months without any requests – but when a need does arise, we’d like a
couple dedicated, fluent folk interested in helping OCR out to be

If you think you could fill one of these positions, contact [email protected].

T-Shirt Shipping Assistant (Southeast Michigan ONLY: Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Ypsilanti, etc.)

As some of you are (painfully) aware, we’ve been having problems
shipping shirts out on time. Part of this is because Zachary Williams,
who hosts OCR for free and runs the store from which the shirts are
sold, simply doesn’t have the time and resources to actually do the
shipping. He’s looking for an assistant in the Southeast Michigan area
that’d be willing to help ship things out as orders come in. This would
involve some traveling to his house and perhaps to the local shirt
store where the shirts are printed, preferably on a weekly or bi-weekly

Zach’s got more details if there’s anyone in the area that can help
us, and him, out. There’s a possibility of limited pay involved, but
certainly there’d be a free shirt or two, and some other goodies that
the ztnet store sells.

If you think you could fill this position, contact [email protected].