VGDJ: Episode #048

Whaaaaaat? How did we manage
to let our “mini episode” exceed the 35-minute mark?! Oh right. It’s
because there were a whopping four ReMix Reviews this week, plus the
VGDJ Awkward Trivia Contest Giveaway, plus cohosting co-embarrassment,
plus our hordes of creepy callers. (Seriously, where do you guys come
up with these things?) Anywho, we hope you enjoy this somewhat abridged
edition of vee gee dee jay. Had a lot going on this past week, but have
no fear: we’ll be back in full feature action next episode… with the
debut of zircon’s swanky new remixing tutorial! Until then, enjoy.

VGDJ: Shownotes #048

[01:05] Okay, wtf…? Mini episode MY ARSE!
We may have cut out all the weekly reports and Russian ReMix Roulette,
but this show still ended up coming to almost 40 minutes! In any case,
your dearest cohosts have lives outside of VGDJ (believe it or not),
and didn’t have the time to edit a full show this week. Solly…
[05:00] But
that’s okay, because we have some special things in the works for our
next two shows! Episode 049 will feature the very first installation of
zircon’s brand new remixing tutorial, appropriately titled “The Flow Basket.” Aaaaaaand, as if that isn’t enough, OUR FIFTIETH EPISODE IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Many surprises in store.
[06:32] Announcing the second winner of our Awkward Trivia Contest Giveaway:
lancer130! Congrats: your answer was thorough……… amusing!
Hyuck hyuck. Be on the lookout for SuperGreenX’s remix albums “Chroma”
and “Better Than Sliced Beats,” for they shall be arriving soon. And
now, for your last chance to win these phat beats…

This week’s question:
We’ve had three *stingers thus far that have been connected in their
theme and concept. Tell us what they are, and what episodes they were
on. (And no, they aren’t about Rama, because we totally make fun of him
all the time. ^_~) Additionally, we would like to know your most
embarrassing nickname, explained for all the world to hear! As always,
be sure to email your response to [email protected] by noon this

* (“Stinger” is the term we use to describe the random
bit we tack on at the very end of each show, after the voicemail
embarrassing nickname. But being a nice little fairy, she evens out the
count with her own. What do you think? “Bear and Jillybean discuss the
world of OverClocked ReMix, a community dedicated to the appreciation
and reinterpretation of video game music”…? Hmmm, maybe next Easter.
[11:43] ReMix Review: From Awesome: ‘Game Over (Cheeze Mix)‘ by Erik S … OMG learn how to spell “cheese,” kay? XD And cheesy it is… kind of like an 80’s vampire movie! Solid work from Erik S.
[14:37] ReMix Review: From 7th Guest: ‘Microscopism‘ by Mazedude
… Pixie must remember to wipe her drool listening to this sexy
Mazedude remix. (Question is, does the adjective “sexy” modify the noun
“Mazedude” or “remix” in this context? Guess you’ll never know!) Zircon
is very happy to read an original composer name that he can pronounce,
and you’re sure to dig this quirky industrial track!
[17:16] ReMix Review: From Final Fantasy 7: ‘The Twelf Commandment‘ by Midee and Prozax
… A dynamic duo indeed! Midee and Prozax put their heads together yet
again for a smashing rock/orchestral remix. Definitely check out the
whole song from das linken above, because it was difficult to choose
just one section to feature on the show. This piece is ever-changing!
[20:14] ReMix Review: From Zombies Ate My Neighbors: ‘The Curse‘ by Christian Pacaud
… Captain Christian Pacaud of the U.S.S. Enterprise! XD This mix is a
great example of “reinterpretation.” The source tunes weren’t all that
great, to be quite honest, so we were impressed with what C-Pac was
able to create under the circumstances. Exxxxcccellent. (Pixie edit: Oh
yeah, and sorry about my laughing at your voice crack, Zirkie dear…
[22:56] Still laughing!
[23:29] GET
AWAY FROM US YOU SCARY CALLERS! Here is a little collection of
disturbing voicemails we received this past week. Thanks Toot, Abadoss,
and Ray…?
[28:47] OkayILoveYaByeByeeeeeeee:, [email protected], our thread on OCR, IRC chat @ #vgdj, our non-profit store, 1-800-990-VGDJ, %^( shot photo album, and please please please please please please please please pleeeeeaaaase… vote for us on Podcast Alley!
VOICEMAIL: Thanks to DrumUltimA, Max from Germany, Shiver McTimber, Peter (Happy birthday, lover girl!), and Toot!
[38:55] [stinger]

Background music used in episode 048, in order of appearance:

– Wild Arms ‘Dové L’Amore’ by DJ Crono
– Final Fantasy 6 ‘Greater Alchemic Patchwork’ by Israfel
– “Soul Sight” by DJ Zenith and SGX, from his new original album, Chroma!
– Streets of Rage 2 ‘Infectious Oldskool’ by GeckoYamori
– Wing Commander ‘Wing Theme Surf’ by The Fat Man/Team Fat
– “Family Damacy” from the We Love Katamari OST
– Super Mario World ‘Super Mariocean’ by spacepony
– “Outside the Club” by McVaffe
– Toejam & Earl ‘James Brown in Space’ by djpretzel