Within A Deep Forest

Nifflas, a prominent tracker who hangs out in the modarchive.com irc channel on espernet, is also a freeware game developer.  The project is now “complete.” and Nifflas is focusing his time on the sequel, most likely working on design while he awaits the release of Multimedia Fusion 2, as he has already created a great beta engine in MMF 1.5.

I stumbled upon WADF recently when chatting in the modarchive channel on esper, and after I started playing it, I decided to check out the credits, and, much to my surprise, Doragon was credited for music and sound effects (his music/sfx are in the locked minigames).  The game itself is simple in terms of story, but the atmosphere and the design are quite exceptional for being a freeware project.  That is, unless…

Please see http://withinadeepforest.ni2.se for more information.