OCR Pre-1500 Lockdown — 80+ Mixes removed!!!

Almost 24 hours ago (because it’s a bit over 12 am here), djpretzel posted a list that most certainly exposed scandals.

Over 80 mixes will be taken down before the release of the newly awaited torrents (thats right, torrents). Many things will be revamped. Tags are finally freakin’ fixed (you can probably tell that I’m picky about those things). Ormgas will take a hit. Why, might as well mention that apocalypse is near.
Take a look and see…it’s amazing to look at that list…you WILL probably find a mix that is one of your favorites, or will spur a memory because all of them are pre-1000.

I had some personal favorites in there including Bart Klepka’s Wanderer Flayer and Black Lodge’s Ocarina Boogie. Beatdrop’s Mortal Kombat Medley was the very first ocremix that I had ever listened to. Amazing. Just. Is. I can always remember (usually listening to Ormgas) hating Daknit’s songs, or realizing that cornflex (along with say…Astroboy, Ben Lewis, etc.) were simply the originals with some fancy stuff added. Hell, they didn’t even take the time to balance the volume for half the mixes.

We will remember you, OC_ReMoved…whether we hate you or not. All I can say is that I applaud djpretzel and the OCR panel for their great work. They have finally removed the worst and dysfunctional of the great OC ReMixes.

P.S.: cornflex and daknit were massively pwnt! no kidding! among many others too.