Ormgas gets a full load of minor features!

To keep the people satisfied until Ormgas v2.0, Ormgas owner and admin ravon has implemented new and special icons for the main playlist.

The main playlist now has little ‘thumbs up’ signs for any songs on the Top 100 of Ormgas.

Earlier before, ravon also implemented a new icon (stars) instead of numbers for the voting process.
There is debate and whatnot, but the main consensus seems to be that they are helpful. There is much accord on the idea that newbies should have to wait and level up (as the rank process is named) before getting the thumbs up icons because it may influence the weight of voting towards it.

The logo is now clickable, and it leads to the main page, like many other sites (with the exception of here 🙂 ). Due to much complaining, the ‘Main’ link was restored anyways.

Another hidden feature has finally been linked. The ‘Search’ page was finally linked to in the menu, after many years of being sheltered away from users. It really helps to find what you need.

Check all of it out at oc.ormgas.com.