Amiga > PC = True

So, now it’s been scientifically determined that the Amiga CAN beat the PC fair and square.

In the combined demo competition on The Assembly 2006 last weekend, the Amiga demo Starstruck by The Black Lotus crushed the competition and outdid all the others, which were mostly PC demos.

TBL only made 3rd place in the BreakPoint 2006 competition and
became quite annoyed at that “bad” result and decided to show people
what they’re made of, and they surely did.

Some random comments about the demo from pouë

“Wheeeeyaaa!! This one is amazing!! Überdemo!”

“holy bananas.”

“Just as disappointed as I was over their Breakpoint’06 amiga demo, just as much in awe I am of this one …”

“No words for the best amiga demo I have ever seen!”

“I don’t know much about Amigas, but I presume this is rather awesome ;)”

“This demo rules….the soundtrack is AWESOME.”

“holy makrel, that’s one darn good demo! fuckings for humiliating the pc scene, louie :-)

“have someone seen my jaws I dropped them somewhere”

“Nice one. The fact that an Amiga demo wins the demo compo in 2006 is kind of hilarious. Way to go guys! Keep the Amiga alive!”

The soundtrack to the demo by Olof ‘Blaizer’ Gustafsson will be played during the show ‘On Air with Ziphoid’ on SLAY Radio this coming thursday as well.