VGDJ #52 – Otakon Panel! Lucky easterners.

From the VGDJ Website, “Stop! It’s panel time. Yes, that’s right, we’re back from Otakon and things went great. In fact, we had so much fun that we decided to bring home a big ol’ recording for this week’s show. djpretzel, GeoffreyTaucer, and even the great Liontamer all make an appearance as we take you through what has undoubtedly been one of the highest points for OCR and VGDJ yet. Sit down with your favorite tentacle, grab a lightsaber, and enjoy the ride.”
[00:00] Larry “Liontamer” Oji gives us a thoughtful and detailed review of Otakon.

[01:13] Oh shnap! We’ve been talking about it for over a month now, but this is it: the Otakon show. We had a great time hanging out there, but more importantly, the OCReMix Panel was a smash hit.

[03:24] OCReMixer OverCoat – SeattleOverCoat, soc, whatever you prefer to call him – recently completed an Anime “Chipdisk” (thread), and it only seemed appropriate to use it for some BGM on this episode. You can pick up the full chipdisk for yourself right here.

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[07:15] The OCR Panel: Right from the start, it was clear that we had more than a handful of people present. djpretzel starts by explaining the fundamentals of OCR and what the site is all about.
[09:27] We go into a little more detail about the submission process and how ReMixes are evaluated. It was somewhat heartwrenching to tell fans of Bubble Bobble (YEAH!) that drumloops over the original tunes aren’t really OCR material, but oh well.

[10:57] pixietricks reassures the audience that groove bias is just a rumor, and that one can find all kinds of ReMixes on the site. And to prove it, we just happened to bring along a…

[11:29] ReMix Medley: Starting with ‘The Ken Song‘ by jdproject, from Street Fighter 2.

[12:28] Next up, we had ‘Da Black Market‘ by Mythril Nazgul, D-Lux, Flik, and Joe Cam, from Earthbound. Of course, Larry couldn’t resist rapping along towards the end.

[13:37] To switch up the eras we went with ‘Metal Gear May Cry‘ by Jared Hudson, from Metal Gear Solid 2.

[14:43] Harmony‘s ‘Dragon Song‘ from Secret of Mana was quite a crowdpleaser!

[15:48] A VGDJ favorite followed it up; ‘Love Hurts‘ by djpretzel, from Sonic the Hedgehog. Great porn music? You decide.

[16:41] Dhsu and GrayLightning represent! Their mix ‘Nayru’s Love‘ from Zelda: Oracle of Ages struck a chord with the audience.

[17:44] It may be aging, but ‘Bomberfuzz‘ by Fuzz from the game Bomberman is every bit as good now as it was when it came out.

[18:41] Anime fans = RPG fans, and RPG fans = Chrono Trigger fans, obviously. po!‘s Electric Clouds was a logical choice for ’em.

[19:50] SuperBuckJazz by Estradasphere, from Super Mario Bros. 2. Need we say more?

[21:00] We finished up the medley with none other than ‘Lover Reef‘ by zircon, pixietricks, D-Lux, shonensamurai, and GeoffreyTaucer, from Sonic & Knuckles.

[21:45] Thus concludes our medley, but if you’d like to hear it in full quality, you can pick up the MP3 right here.

[22:20] We tell the peeps that OCR isn’t just about music, it’s about community also, and we’ve proven that by way of our numerous meetups all over the world.

[23:24] Site projects have become regular occurences as well. As zircon explains, these are full albums that contain ReMixes of an entire soundtrack from a game. The audience seemed pretty excited at both the existing and upcoming projects we mentioned!

[25:05] Now we were pretty surprised when we heard this one. It appears as though OverClocked ReMix actually has an official podcast about the site and the community. WTF? Why didn’t we hear about that? They even went to Video Games Live and got some pictures. I wish we could have done that. 🙁

[26:44] djpretzel is more than happy to tell the world about OCR’s media exposure on the internet, in press, and on TV. What’s really amazing is that pro game composers like Jeremy Soule have even showed their support for OCR by submitting their own ReMixes!

[27:57] We thought it would be worth mentioning some sister sites that feature some kind of remixes. These include the self-explanatory AnimeRemix, the up and coming Remix:Tha Sauce, and the slightly handicapped OverLooked ReMix, which Larry was proud to talk about. He also had a brief addendum to our site list; Ormgas, the 24/7 streaming OCReMix radio station.

[30:43] Our Powerpoint presentation ended here, but you can always download it and watch it for yourself. Props to pixietricks for putting it together.

[32:53] djpretzel and GeoffreyTaucer perform their collab ‘Town Life‘ from Chrono Trigger!

[36:39] zircon subs in for Reuben Kee, accompanying pixietricks‘ as we perform ‘The Place We Knew‘ from Chrono Trigger.

[41:27] This would have been the part where we did a trivia & giveaway with the audience, followed by a question and answer session, but due to some technical problems we couldn’t capture it in the recording. Sowwy. :< However! We did manage to get the very last part of the Q&A, which featured a loyal OCR fan who actually came up to the panel, gave a little speech about how awesome we are, and then handed djpretzel a present... [43:31] “It’s a pretzel.” What a way to close out a kick-ass panel. [44:34] Suffice it to say we were very, very happy with the way things turned out. Not only was the panel really fun, but we had a great time at the rest of the con too! Just check out our action shot photo album. We really want to thank everyone who came to both the panels and the meetups and made them fun. Stay in touch via IRC, voicemail, or our OCR thread, and before this MP3 ends, check PodcastAlley and make sure you’ve voted for us this month!

[48:59] VOICEMAIL: Belthesar, Shivy, zircon’s-got-a-letter guy, Otakon meetup group call, DJAnubis, DJ, and Fusion2004.

[53:24] [stinger]

BACKGROUND MUSIC used in Episode 052, in the order in which it appeared:
‘Sync Ratio (Evangelion)’ by Coda, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘Origa Trail (GITS:SAC)’ by Coda and OverCoat, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘Serial Communication (Gundam Wing)’ by Coda, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘We Are the Stars (Ragnarok)’ by Coda, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘Twoson Hits the Road’ by djpretzel, from Earthbound
‘The Journey to the West’ from the Princess Mononoke OST
‘Lullaby for Tohru’ by pixietricks, from Fruits Basket