ReMix:ThaSauce welcomes 2 new arbiters + your opinion counts!

Yesterday R:TS introduced 2 new arbiters, remixers Cerrax & EazyP, to help speed along the queue & it didn’t take them too long at all to jump into the fray.
This will hopefully help the queue move along more quickly as Suzu and Xerol become more occupied with other things. HOWEVER it’s important that everyone remember that, regardless of whether you’re an arbiter or not, your opinion counts. After all, ThaSauce is all about the community, and R:TS is about enjoyability. If you don’t agree with one of the arbiters or myself with why you feel otherwise. Make sure to clearly state your point, and now “That vote is BULLSHIT.” If we’re convinced that users will enjoy the song, then it’ll get posted.