VGDJ: Episode #053: Day of the Videocast


VGDJ in video?! What has the
world come to? Contrary to popular belief, we’re not just a bunch of
disembodied voices floating around on the internet… but we wanted to
prove it with our first ever videocast.

This is your chance to actually
SEE zircon, pixietricks, djpretzel, Liontamer, GeoffreyTaucer, and
friends in living color. Check out all our crazy footage from last
week’s OCR Otakon panel, and not without a few added bonuses, of
course! There are three versions available for download, for
those of you residing on the extremes of web speed:

Low res (70 MB)
Medium Res (130 MB)
High res (400 MB)

If you wanna view this cast on your iPod, you’ll have to convert it to
mp4. We gave up on that long ago, for various reasons. But the MOV’s
should play in iTunes, at least. Have fun, kiddies!